Monday, January 17, 2011

Sharkies, Rebel Hope, Hudsons, BabyMonkey, en OH those Velvet Rythms !

Just a small blog today, at least that was what I thought...but hey...I get so may freebies that the blogs get hughe every time. So let me start quickly...with Sharkies. They have so many freebies in'won't believe it. I am just showing you a selection. They also have a FREE item in store.


Next store is Rebel Hope. They also have several freebies. It is sooo hard to chose which one to wear...they are all cute.



Hudsons always has very lovely group gifts in store (and loads of freebies, look for the red bows on the vendors: those items are free) The group gift for this month is the lovely black gown below, with a short option and WITH shoes too. Joining the group is free and with 40 groups you can join ALL these lovely generous groups.

BabyMonkey ...ahhh I LOVE their shoes. And Pixieplumb is simply a lovely person. They have a lucky chair in the store and I got these lovely color change shoes from it (ok I know I blogged it before, but I love the shoes).And while you are there find the sale section! And don't forget to click the MM board. The boots and shoes I am wearing on the blog are all by BabyMonkey, unless they come with the clothes or unless I am blogging shoes and give you another LM.

Last one is VelvetRythms...their gowns on the MM boards are amazing...and you get so many options (short and long versions, pants...elegant gown) ! I do hope I get the other ones tomorrow :) Watch my be continued ....

Hppy shopping ladies !

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