Monday, January 31, 2011

Chocolate milk days

Today was a choclate milk day in the Netherlandfs, cold and grey. A day on which you make hot choclate when you get home, cold, and you enjoy being inside.
And on such a day I always love to go SL shooping as you all know.

Clowes gives away a great pair of pants as a group gift. I mixed them with the top I got from Moonlight designs. And with the group gift hair by EMO-tions.
Magia has a small shop hunt going on. You are looking for 14 golden hearts (easy to find) on all 3 floors of the shop. MIND ME THREE floors, use the teleporter. You get a lot of Valentine balloons (not shown) but also sexy bikinis and 2 boxers for guys. Yes I am wearing them.

 Magia also has a questionmark board. I got the items below from that board. Very nice jewelry, a colorable top and sexy pants.

The next freebies are by Herbie Loire. They are quite cute :) and worth to get. Also worth to looka round in the shops I am blogging ladies, you moght like the designs and the prices :)

Last shop for today is YZUMIA. I buy my poses but the shop also has free poses and loads of free clothes. I am just showing you a few things, visit the store to see all :)
Tops, sweaters, pants, suspenders, bags, dresses, skirts, necklaces all free.
Shoes by BabyMonkey.


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