Sunday, January 23, 2011

Yes I am back :)

The people at Linden Labs were so kind to solve the problem with my avatar so I am back :)
And I went to Euphoria to do the mini hunt. Didn't get all the items though, but I got a few good ones.
The lovely scarf is by Milk Motion.

The sweet pink dress is the next gift I found. The jewelry are older freebies (by Shiny things) The shoes are by BabyMonkey.

And I also got very nice make up by Oria. Comes in more colors than shown below.

The last one I got is the skirt with bow by DAMA.

Bliss Couture gives their group members a lovely sexy cocktail dress in hot pink. WOW I love it. The shoes are by BabyMonkey. The Necklace that goes great with the dress is a gift by Virtual Impressions.

I got 2 new hairs, one is by LOQ (join group) and the other one is by DURA (valentines group gift). I am wearing the LOQ on eon the pic above.


Then I found these very cute shoes. One is called UW Worker boots and they were found here (lucky presents). Both other shoes were by [+&C+] The last shop has several lucky boards (see below)

House of Benningburrough has 2 free gifts in store. Sexy open jeans in off white and a cute shrug hoody top in blue. Boots by BabyMonkey.

The next lovely gown is by Tres Beau and they give it away on their lucky chair.
 The jewelry is by Alienbear, not free but they had a 50% off sale.

Sunny Soon has plenty lucky board in the store and they are really good :) The letters change fast but you have to join the group (free).

And at PEARL - shark attack they have also many lucky boards and lucky chairs, all jackets on the chairs. I got a few....
And then Aiko told me the same lucky boards can be found HERE. So two chances ladies :) They have a very cute leather jacket on the lucky chair but I wasn't lucky enough to get that one. The worker boots (see above) go GREAT with these outfits. The Gaga make-up is an older gift from the FabFree group.

Yesss has a cute gift in store and so has G&N. The one on the left is by Yess, the one on the right by G&N. Shoes and boots by BabyMonkey.


That was it for today ladies. HAPPY SHOPPING !

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