Monday, January 3, 2011

Sexy dresses and cute dresses and ...ONE jeans set

Today I am going to start with some really sexy dresses. The first one is from the lucky chair at Icing, and I got the dress but also the very sexy fur stole, wearable in different ways. WOW.

The next dress is from the lucky chair at Tres Beau and it is soooo sexy...heads will turn when you are wearing this one ladies...takes a bit of waiting but .... The jewelry is not free and made by Alienbear. They have a 50% off sale at the moment so it is affordable. And great quality.

The next set of clothes is from Wolfmoon. They have 2 lovely gowns for free in the store and they have 2 MM boards, one with the jeans outfit (comes with lfats and jewelry) and the other with a cute muffin basket, which I will show together withthe dress from Doppelganger. The yellow gown can be found here.

This is an opening gift by Doppelganger and like I said the basket is from the LC at Wolfmoon. I styled it in different ways so you can see what a difference a scarf, cute booties and leggings can do.

Fab Pony gives away this lovely short color change dressy. Also very sexy (told you SEXY dresses today)

This lovely black dress with great details is by Ambrosia and it is on their lucky board. Changes every 10 minutes so it can take a very long time to get it.

The next cute dressies are yet again very sexy and are a hunt gift (you are looking for a little cooky guy) at BlarQ design.

And the last one is from Magic 99, free for the time being, a very cute dress with 2 skirt types.

Happy Shopping ladies!

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