Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Oh yes...HAIR, SKINS, SHOES, all my favorites in one blog !

Oh today was a GREAt day for freebies, at least for me it was. I am crazy for hair, shoes and skins. Maybe you noticed? Ah well I found all of the above today so I am very very happy :)

Starting with the very cute clothes at WAVE. They have a whole wall with freebies (I have blogged them before but they had quite a few new ones). They go from earmuffs to gloves and to cute dressies.

Jewelry are older freebies

Next stop was Sassy Kitty, one of my favorite shops. I got a lot of freebies from their MM boards and from the lucky chair and at the take your pick. Sassy Kitty has a hunt items in store too, look for it here .

Pants are a group gift by Coco (blogged before)
Tea Lane has a lot of freebies, dollarbies and twobies (2L$ each) and a few lucky chairs. Allas I wasn't only showing you the chairs.

Next shop was POISON and wow they have a lot too. You have to join the group (free) and don't forget to get the freebies next to the stairs and on the table.

3636 (I always thought that is a very cute name for a shop) had 3 lovely gifts under the Tree YES !!! HAIR (comes in all colors) !!! and jewelry.

Oh yes hair...I love it...I got theis great freebie at My Precious isn't that the most lovely updo?

I got more hair, this cute hair with hat is by Beautifull dirty rich. Just one color, this one. If you look up their store on MarketPlace you will find loads of dollarbies and freebies (blogged before)

I am wearing one of my new skins, how do you like these from the lucky boards at MotherGoose??

Talking about skins, ME gives away loads of freebies among which I got 2 gifts with skins. Don't forget the free socks upstairs and the cute pink dressy on the stairs.

And in this cold season I am very happy that ME gives us all a warm bowl of soup....though I am not sure about eating it with chopsticks...

One of my favorite items are shoes...I am wearing a lot of BabyMonkey shoes as you have noticed. But these cuties are by LMK and you find them on the table.

Last one is a monthly dress from Baiastice, I found it in their group notices.

Happy shopping ladies :)

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