Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Leggings, more leggings, tights, socks and YES ! DRESSES! OUTFITS !

Good afternoon ladies, today I am going to start with Sabbia. They have many very cute gifts in their store but you need to join the group (joining is free). They range from cute dresses to tights and leggings....Let me show you:
(I love the one with the jacket...)


OK I am showing you just a FEW colors, but the leggings and socks come in several more ...
Cute booties :)

The next shop also has leggings, I have no idea why I found so many leggings and tighst and socks this time, but Latte also gives them away :) You also need to join the group (free)
These leggings come in lace and stripes and also in many colors

The next shop I went to was M Motion and they have some cute gifts...wow. Booties and shoes by Baby Monkey (not free)

The cute necklace is a gift if you are in the FAB FREE group (look at old notices)

And Saris has a few hunts going on. You can find the hunt items HERE (pencil) and HERE (paper) and there is another one HERE (candy cane)

The last one I am going to blog is Tekeli. They have extraordinary hair and jewelry as DOLLARBIES (1 L$ each) on the wall. The hair is color change, though it is dark and I couldn't change it to red ...allas... the flower, snake and apple can be colorchanged too.

Happry shopping ladies !

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