Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Gowns and casual clothes and shoes

OK enough with the hair and the skins. Today just gowns, casual sets and shoes. Did I hear a sigh of relief there somewhere?
I try to put a mix on my blog every day but some days I just find skins, or hair...
Let me start today with the lovely blue gown I found on Marketplace. It is a bleu gown with a black lace lay over and guess what? Inside the box from the gown is a little surprise, a jewel set by J&W. The gown is by ROC.

Purple moon has reached 9000 members and they are giving away this LOVELY gown. Congratulations Purple Moon and thank you for this great gift.

The next gown is also from Marketplace and it is by Wunderlich. It is a lovely loght gown, perfect for a summer dance :)
The shoes are Perdita by BabyMonkey (not free but very affordable). I am wearing Babymonkey shoes or boots with most of the outfits I am showing you.

Another gown, this time in pink is the Flower gown by MGF. This lovely gown can also be found on Marketplace and the color is so lovely it made me smile :) Another one for great summer evenings ladies.

I found a lovely cocktail dress too on Marketplace and it is called Solleil after the storm (sunshine after the storm). You can find it HERE. I hope the blue background wotrks with this dress :)

Then I jumped over to FA Creations and they have soooo many group gifts that I couldn't believe it. WOW...joining is worthwhile ladies. As a matter of fact I got 13....

This lovely white dress is a gift from the Midnight Mania board at Saris Creations. Bag is not included.

This cute yellow body suit is by Bang Bang and it can be found at NEW RELEASE. Just the yellow is free as an opening gift.

And this is the new VIP group gift by Graffiti Wear. WOW I love the color and the lace :)

And this cute outfit is yours if you find the big OX in the OX hunt at Legal Insanity. You have to be member of the OX group to get it though (joining is free).

Last one for today are a few new releases. It is NOT free. It is a new release by Censored. A lovely striped skirt, stockings and a top.


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