Thursday, August 18, 2011

Far Eastern influences

Today I just wanted to look different and that is why I looked for styles from a different country. I got some really nice Chinese or Japanese outfits...
This first one is by Little Fish, a lovely white and gold dragon dress. The hair is by Mr. Tuty, and the umbrella I found is from Marketplace.
I am wearing this umbrella with another very nice dress by LBD, a black elegant silk gown with lovely embroydery. The hair is a gift from the Hair Fair. The skin is by KKBB ( 1 L$ for the Geisha skin).
This lovely pink kimono is called Miroku dress. Styled it with the Mr. Tuty hair.
I found another elegant dress, a silk blue dress also by Mr. Tuty. It has an eastern feel to it, and I am wearing a lovely orchid with the dress, which is also by Mr. Tuty. The hair is by Edelstore.
Marketplace had some more goodies for me, how about these 2 dresses by M2M? This first one is called Damask Dress and I styled it again with the lovely orchid.
The next one by M2M is called Japanese dress and costs you 1 L$.
Then I found some really far east hair by Curious Kitties. Look below :)
All hair is free, I put the link under the pics.
This hair is called BANMON.
This hair is called Cherry Bob.
This hair is called Liyac.
And this last hair is called Lemoria.
For those who don't like far eastern outfits at all: I also found 2 very very USA outfits: a farm boy and a farm girl :) Come with shoes, hat, basket-with-eggs and with the straw-in-mouth too :)

This lovely necklace is also a freebie on Marketplace. I love the sparkling diamonds and the text (LIVE IN TOMORROW) too. The necklace is by Ceriano designs.

Hoo wear has some nice new lucky chairs and an unlucky dip too :) I got theteal; hoody from the unlucky dip, the dress and the eyeliner are from the lucky chairs.

These shoes are by Malfean Visions and I got them from theri Midnight Mania board :)
Last one for today, just because I love them so much: GREAT scarfs by Egoisme. They are NOT FREE, but they are kinda special...and come in many colors.


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