Sunday, August 7, 2011

Magi Take and Alli & Ali

Today just 2 shops for you ladies. Magi Take is a great store, every item in the store is cheap BUT...they also have a hughe wall with group gifts. Joining the group is free. I just took a few items and styled them together, but there are plenty more. ALL that is shown below is free by Magi Take, glasses, shoes, bags, clothes. Only the yellow tank is by Jane (blogged before).
The group item wall is UPSTAIRS.

The poses I am using here and on the pic with the camo pants are by LOVE ME BRUTAL. They are on offer this weekend for only 40 L$ (you get 5 Rebel poses).

The other shop is Alli & Ali, my fav hair store. They have new group gifts, new voting gifts and a lot of presents on Marketplace !

Alli & Ali has a special offer: BUY ONE GET ONE FREE. You buy a haircolor (or fatpack!), and get two giftboxes for your hairchoice, from which you can use one for yourself, and give one to a friend, or give both away to make friends happy!
The hair for this offer is DORO. Available at the main store.

The group gift and the voting gift can be found at the MAIN store of Alli & Ali hair. The GROUP gift is Isabel hair & Bangs in fire, and Reese in cappuchino.
The VOTING gift is Pax hair in bronze.

The next items can be found on MARKETPLACE. The links are under the pics.

And Elise in dark brown or Isabel in milky brown can be found on one of the many Midnight Mania boards by Alli & Ali.