Thursday, August 11, 2011

Let's go dancing !

I really feel like dancing today after taking all these lovely pics of the freebies I found today ! Let me start with Sascha's Design. She has a very lovely peach gown as a gift for the group for the month of August! Wow I love that gown. Joining the group is 50 L$ BUT you get all previous monthly gowns and a new gown each month coming. That would be...lemme count....about 30 gowns and dresses of high quality for 50 L$?

I styled the Sascha gown with jewelry by Ganked (lucky chair item)
You can also style the gown with the lovely color change necklace and earrings I got from the subscribo at Crystal Line. It goes with all your gowns ladies :)

The next gowns are by Paris Metro. Rose is a very talented designer and her gowns are high quality. And they are simply adorable and elegant. They move like flowing water, and while dancing you will feel soooo beautiful ! The brown one is a new release and NOT free. But the BLUE GOWN and the BLACK GOWN  are free :)

Paris Metro also has these lovely scarfs for just 10 L$ ladies. Perfect with your gowns, but also great to wear with a tee and jeans :)

Another GREAT dress for your next ball is the freebie gown at House of Beningburrough. They have this lovely blue gown for free but also the lovely aqua and green cocktail dress :)

And Sassy has this very elegant, sexy dress in silver on their Midnight Mania board. It is very retro and very Rita Hayworth don't you think?
You can wear this gown also as a very sexy short dress. I am wearing it on the next pic, on my own shape (right) and on the new shape by Sophistishapes (left) The shape is a new release and NOT FREE. Just showing you the difference between shapes, the pics are taken from the same position.
Sassy also has a lucky chair at their store and you can get this shredded dress there (there is another pink dress on the chair too, but I wasn't that lucky).

This black and white gown is by Condemned Design. Again a perfect gown for dancing ladies...elegant and sexy. You can find it on their Lucky Board.
I found another great dress for a summer party on the beach. It is a group gift by Airflow (joining is free). The bare feet are a new group gift by Coco.
Airflow has some more great group gifts. Maybe not really for dancing, but well we can't be dancing all day can we? The cute boots are by BabyMonkey.

The pink hair is a gift from the lucky chair at Little Heaven. There are 4 lucky chairs and the letters change fast.


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