Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I want to lay you down in a bed of roses....

While I was working on this blog and looking at the dresses and shoes...I was hearing this song in my head...Bed of Roses by Bon Jovi. And when you look at the first dress by Morea (it is from their Midnight Mania board) which I styled with boots from the Midnight Mania board at will understand why I thought of this song.

The headband is a very old freebie.
Morea also has a new group a GREAT dress. The clutch comes with it.
The next dress is also red...hmmmmm .. it is a group gift by Chrysalis and it is LOVELY. Joining the group is free. The headband of roses and the roses bracelet are an older freebie.
And Bliss has a lovely new gown for their group members it is another amazing gown, thank you Bliss :)
I found a lovely free necklace with diamond hearts as a gift at Virtual Impressions. It is perfect to wear with any lovely gown :)
More group gifts are by [L3S] . There are 3 at the store, look below. A very cute teal dress with boots and a jacket, a lovely white outfit with a long coat and very cute booties.

The next shop was OhLaLa and they have GREAT sexy sandals in blue as a gift for their group members. Joining the group is free.
Wow I love them ! Look at the details !
Then I jumped over to Petticoat Lane. They have these LOVELY swim suits as a present at their store. They come with 3 different tops ! The blue bag I styled them with is by Magi Take (10 L$). The red bag is by KKBB (1 L$). And the hair with hat was a freebie at Mimi's choice. The very cute shoes are by BabyMonkey. Bags and shoes are not free, they are cheap though.
Don't you feel like going to the beach?
Verve has 3 lovely Noori skins for their group members. Joining the group is free for the next 2 weeks. And at the Verve store you can also find a tank and a tee for free.

Katsucide has released a few new skins called Sandra, girls. They come in 3 skintones and each skintone has 3 different make ups, amongst which a nude one to wear make up on. NEW RELEASE so NOT FREE.
The lucky boards at Mother Goose are always good for some really nice skins :) The letters change fast and this is what I got standing there for about 30 minutes !

Diva still has their 10.000 member gift hair at the store. It is on the 2nd floor. The hair comes in several colors, with a color change scarf.

Satomi hair is in one of the lucky boards at Diva. It comes in one color, but 3 different styles.

And the Nodoka hair also comes in one color and 2 styles, if you are lucky on the lucky board at DIVA.