Friday, August 19, 2011

2 birthday girls and a bit of everything.

The LOW group has a few very nice presents on the cubes in the middle of their sim. This sexy black & white outfit is by Styles for the LOW group. I styled it with the free summer bag by Dark Mouse (comes in 4 colors)
This blue dress is by Unique Clothing, also for the LOW group. It is so sexy, I love the lace gloves. I styled the blue dress with a bag by Tomadeschi.

And this cocktail dress in a rich purple is by Pekas Design, yet again in the LOW group. I took a pic of the back too, very elegant.
And this last one, a fun summer blouse with lots of flowers on it is by B!asta in the LOW group.
The next dress is a group gift by Ruxy design and it comes with shoes and bag ! Joining the group is free. 

ADN has plenty lucky chairs and also 2 quentionmark boards. This time I got a lovely dark blue dress from their lucky chairs :) Comes with the tatoos and jewelry.
And this lovely dress is ny EMO tions. It is a group gift and joining is free. The necklace and earrings are by Alienbear and NOT FREE.
The first Birthday girl is Iris from ::::IrEn:::: design. She is celebrating her birthday with a lovely dress for every lady that visits her store !
Then we have a birthday girl. Alice, from Ali & Alli hair is having their 5th birthday on SL and they are celebrating their 5th rez day with a birthday hunt from August 16th till September 15th.
This is what you do: TOUCH the sign for the Alce Rez Day Hunt at this LANDINGPOINT.
Look in chat for all locations and click the links to teleport and find the treasures.   They are little party hats, which you touch to receive the gift.
(displayed in server pic on Alice's head)

You can do this every day during the treasure hunt time and get different random presents from each location, so for getting them all, visit each location daily :-)
I got the first 15 or so...look below :) More tomorrow :)

I also found a few VERY nice skins (hey would my blog be complete WITHOUT skins?) These first ones are by No Buttons and from their skins 4 are for free at the moment. Look at the TOFA skins  (1 and 4) and the Ease skins (1 and 3). 2 of each one are free. THANK YOU TIger for the tip :)

The next skins are  a new release by JeSyLiLo. NOT FREE, but great skins :)
Last one: face paints by LUCCA. They are also a new release and NOT FREE, but as I am a RL painter I couldn't resist to blogging them :)