Friday, August 5, 2011

Feeling BLUE???

Everyone has those days...when you are feeling to show everyone I LOVE the blue feeling I went shopping for BLUE outfits today.
How about this first one? It is by MRS and it is a tailleur, which is french for a ladies suit. I love going shopping in style and this outfit is really stylish. I styled the blue suit with a group gift by Babymonkey (the dark blue shoes) and with a pearl set by Alienbear (no no that set is NOT free allas...but it is a GREAT set) and with the tote bag by Magi Take (this bag is 10 L$, so not free either, but I love Magi Takes bags and clothes. They have a freebie wall in their store)
The next one is just an elegant dress by Humming. It is 1 L$.
The hair is Nanotech hair by Curious Kitties.
Do you have any idea how hard it is to find BLUE hair for free? I didn't succeed in finding really BLUE blue hair, but I found a few nice hairs that come close enough.
First the Curious Kitties hair I showed you above. They have another hairstyle for free which is PINK.

I am wearing the Curious Kitties hair also with an outfit I found at House of Gaga and it is 1 L$. It is a blue hoodie set.
 House of Gaga also has this lovely summer dress in store. It comes with the lovely hat and it gives a real summer feeling. Also 1 L$.
The next hairstyle is by Edelstore called Roxanna.
I am wearing the Roxanna hair with a satin tops by Papillon I found HERE. It comes in 5 different colors and it also comes in 2 versions: high neckline or low.
The shorts are by Papillon.

I am also wearing this hair with the outfit below. The tartan pants are by Papillon and the cute top is by MB Honey.
The other blue hair is called Jazz and I found it at A&A and it is NOT FREE.
I am wearing it with jeans with pawprints by Papillon and a cardigan by Feline which I got HERE. The cardigan is 1 L$.
The UGGS are by Glad Rags and will cost you 1 L$.
The necklace is by KOSH.

This next outfit is  a jeans set by Face Palm Jeans. It is a lovely top and pants and it will cost you 5 L$.
The hair I am wearing is called Babel hair and that will set you back 1 L$.
I am wearing the Babel hair also with this sexy dress by Danity Vanity.
And the Babel hair looks also great with the next dress, a lovely cocktail dress by P&A. Shoes come with the dress.
The last hair I found is by Edelstore and is called Kelly and I am wearing it with a sexy short dress which I found at INDRA
Necklace is by KOSH. 
The next outfit is a tube top dress by W&T. It is 1 L$.
And yes you saw it right, it is the Magi Take bag again (10 L$), this time worn casual.
The next outfit is a Plausible Body Classic jeans dress. Styled with a bag from the 5 L$ Gatcha machine at *M*G*S* and a new shoe release by BabyMonkey.
The following dress is not really blue, more like purple. It is by L'esprit, the dress is called Clara and costs you 1L$. But it is a very versatile dress. You can style it casual with a scarf and boots or like I did with high heels and jewelry by Arata Shouten (color change, 1 L$ in her store) and an *M*G*S* bag from their 5 L$ Gatcha machine.
The last casual dress is by COR and it is called Revival outfit :) The cute hat and gloves are included.
Over to more elegant outfits. This lovely dress is by NikNak. It is 1 L$.
And this one with the flowing skirt is by Racy Lacy. I am wearing the RACY dress with a necklace by Beloved and it is 1 L$.

The next gown is called Red shoe blue clue why, but it is an elegant gown to go dancing with your partner.
Another lovely blue gown is this one by Tuty's. You can war it with 3 different skirts.

The lovely heels I am wearing with this gown are by Silent Fashion and they are called Angel Kiss heels. They come with a hud which changes the skin color, the nail color and the shoe color.

I also found some more sexy daring stuff.
First of all this latex dress. It is called Domina. It is by Jaqueline.
Or you can chose the Plunge outfit which is even more daring. It is by Plausible body.
Maybe you are more into sexy lingerie? This bodysuit was found HERE. It is on the mature pages, so you have to be age veried AND logged in to SL to see this sexy outfit.
BDR has this sexy outfit for us all in store for 1 L$. You can wear it in different styles, with or without the fishnet under is, as a dress or as a half pants set or a complete pants set. The make up comes with the outfit.
This short skirt is by [Lime] and is found HERE and the slouchy boots are by KKBB . The top is an older freebie.
Last outfit I found was this oneby Jaqueline. Sexy tight pants which make your bum look soooo appetising and a very sexy top.
OK just ONE more...these cute blue sneakers are by JD Star and found HERE.

Happy shopping ladies :)

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