Sunday, August 28, 2011

a little bit of sunshine :)

This lovely dress is a ray of sunshine on darker days ladies. It is on the Midnight Mania board at Saschas Design and the target is low, so get your friends over there and click click click !!! If you land at the entrance: the MM board is in the new release section.

These very sexy dresses are a group gift by BDR (Beautiful dirty rich) because their group has reached no less than 9.000 members ! Congratulations BDR !! Dress comes in 4 colors.
The hair I am wearing in all tones with the BDR dresses is a group gift by D!va. Their group reached 15.000 members! Congratulations D!va !!

There is also a nice free dress at the store...elegant and sexy and I love it.
AND they have a lovely new release (not free) ...lovely lingerie inspired on the new Beyonce song "Best thing I never had". The Lingerie is available in several lovely colors.
This very cute pink dress is a group gift for the LOW group and it is by Take me Fashion.

If you are in the LOW group you can also get this GREAT skin and alllll kinds of make up. It is by Feloni and I am not showing you all the make up just a few...there is simply too many in the box.

Talking about skins: This is the gift Essencial has put in the hunt item for the ABBH hunt.
And Not Buttons has a lot of free skins in their store at the moment and they are holding a hughe sale too. So why not hop over and have a look? The skins I am showing below are free, ALL skintones and make ups of the mentioned skins are. The rest of the skins have a very low price tag.

Prim & Pixels has a really versatile outfit as a gift in their store. Hit the subscribo and it is yours. You can wear it as a gown, or as a pair of pants with top, or as a cute short dress :) There is a black short included however it didn't rez for me so it is not on the pics. The jewelry is included.

Last one for today: the 2 gifts at Urban girl. You need to be in the group to get them (joining is free) but then you have this sexy belted dress and the shape and skin :) I am showing you the skin also on my own shape.