Friday, August 5, 2011

Talking about naughty lingerie....

Promissed you the more naughty stuff later so here goes. Not everything is very naughty on this blog but I tried !First one is called Table Dancer and it is for sale for 1 L$ on Marketplace.

The next one is by BD Boa and it's called snake skin.

Still not very naughty? Well let me try about this set by MissJewel?

Or maybe you like this one? It is by Itchy WahWah and it is called RIPP IT OFF. To really rip it off you have to pay 1 L$. You g et it in red and black.

This next set is really sexy. It called RED HOT and you can find it HERE.

And now for something more reveiling. This mesh set is by Ade Creations and it is called Delicious :) The bitch tatoo comes with it. But...1 L$ ladies, not completely free.

I found some more mesh lingerie, this time in black and it is a black transparant body suit. It is by Janeways and costs you 1 L$. 

The next sets are all in latex. The first one is by Jaqueline and costs 1 L$. It is called Jule. Bracelet and stockings are included.

Plausible Body has many latex outfits, I chose this one to show you. Very sexy and you get 4 colors.

More latex is by Nada and you can find this one HERE.

The next one is also in latex and it is called Red Devil, which is strange as the suit is pink. But hey who IS sexy after all :)

The las latex one is called Unplugged Sexy and you can find it for 1 L$.

I put the miost reveiling stuff here goes ..Delish PLayboy is this one called and yes you are seeing it right..those ARE bunnies. 1L$ is not much for 2 bunnies and a string :)

The next one is to make you smile and I hope your partner really likes M&Ms.
You can find it HERE at XTC.

Last one, just to finish off with a sweet innocent set...this one is called Mon Amour Sweetheart.