Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lucky boards, new shop, and Alice in Wonderland

I stumbled over a hunt item of the Wonderland Hunt. It is a playing card with hands and feet and it is rather small. But if you find this card at A Touch of Ireland you get WOW this amazing gown :) I feel like the red QUEEN now :)
And then I couldn't stop looking for the cards and I found a few more. This gift is hidden inside the card at Insanya :) The Mad Hatter hat :)
And this one is hidden inside the playing card at Paper Heart. Isn't this the most amazing hair you have ever seen?
You get this cute bikini if you find the card that is hidden at Short & Sweet mannequins. I love the card print on it :)
And this great dress and pants & jacket set is hidden at Meow Mix. It is the starting point of teh Wonderland hunt and you will find # 1 till #6 there.
The last one I found up till now is the one at DownDownDown. If I can find them you can too :) And if you do...YAY this necklace is yours :)
At DownDownDown I also found a waffle in the Waffle hunt. I was wearing the waffle in my mouth when I found this great tee at 1MM. It is on the table.
1MM also has 2 lucky boards and I was luckt THREE times, believe it or not. This is what I got there! (skirt and top are on different boards, so is the Kimono)

Special mentioning: some of the poses I am using are by AppleSpiceStore, thanks to Eris, who ejected me from the group because I forgot to mention her store.

Then I found this cute little shop. I think it just opened because there was an opening gift in store and a few gifts on the floor and a lucky board with a very cute pink dress. The shop is called AmAnOjAku.

Marketplace is always a favorite place for me. I love to shop there and I sometimes find the most amazing things :)
Even the GREAT designers put up a little special snack on Marketplace from time to time. How about this sweet top with flowers (or is it a short dress? ) by Purple Moon?

Or this great shopping outfit by The Sea Hole? The bag comes with the skirt and top. The shoes are, as always, by BabyMonkey. I simply love their shoes and they do so well on the screen :) Thanks Pixieplumb :)

And these pants and top or a short dress are by M2M and they are called Lika, 1 L$ for this sexy outfit on Marketplace.

This next dress is called Pink Ribbon and it is a lovely simple dress. Elegant yet sexy and I love the satin borders and the cute bow. They charge you 1 L$ for it.

One more? OK these earrings and the matching necklace are by Alba Rossini and you have to pay 1 L$ either for the EARRINGS or for the NECKLACE. Look at the back of the necklace, you can't see it very well due to my hairdo, but it looks GREAT at the back !
That was it for today...or was it? Well I am off girls, the weather is fine, it is early sunday morning, nothing more to do...I am off FISHING !!! Have a very nice sunday and see you all soon again :) (outfit comes with the hat, rod, chair, beer and the GONE FISHING sign)


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