Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hair, a wedding gown and lots of free clothes

I found some really nice hair at 4 different locations ladies so let me start with the hair today. This first hair is by BC322 and it is from their Lucky board. LOVE the hair, but pink? Hmm well I can always buy another color.

The next hair is by Curious Kitties and it is free YAY. Curious Kitties always has very nice freebies at their store so worth to hop over and look around.

More hair? How about the new released hair by Tokyo Girl? It is not free but it is color change. Just click the hair and a window opens where you can chose the color. So no more 40 hairs in your inventory, just get ONE and colorchange :)

This last hair for today is by Me-I. They have 2 lucky boards in their store (blogged before) but they also have lots of free group gifts (joining is free).
Actually the one with the hat is for guys...and the short hair in all colors is also for guys...
To get the black hair find the GARGOILE in the Supernatural hunt.

 This lovely hair is also by Me_I and also a group gift (Shewolf). I am wearing the newest release by Saschas design with it, GREAT gipsy style skirts (Shiloh skirts, 199 L$ per pack of 3) and the tops and belts are also available at Saschas Design). The jewelry is an older freebie by Ganked but hop over: I am sure there is a freebie at the store available :)
The hat in the next picture is also a group gift by Me-I. And the cute tee is a freebie by Spearsong (also free tattoo at this store). The pluchie is a gift from Ragdolls :)
The nexy outfits are by SaKiDe (Sassy Kitty Design changed their name). And because they want the customers to get used to the new name they are giving away a LOT of free stuff if you join the subscribo group (free). Join, then touch the items on the carts at the store to get the free items.

More cute dresses? I found this fatpack at The Sea Hole. You have to join the Collabor88 group to get these liovely sexy dresses...they are definately worth it.
Last one for today...a wedding gown by Ribbon. It is on their lucky boards but they don't provide the groom with the dress will have to find another very lucky chair to get a groom :)