Saturday, August 6, 2011

Who doesn't like new clothes?

Well I know I like new clothes and I bet you do too :)
So today I will show you a few new outfits and some ore goodies, keep reading :)
This first dress is by [PLAY]. It is a new shop and they have this cute dress with sculpted skirt on their lucky chair. Letters change every 3 minutes so you won't have to wait very long.

I am also showing you a new release by [PLAY] which is not free, but WOW I love those details !!! Well done Locksley and thank you :)

If you are wondering where I got this lovely hair..well it is by Damselfly and it is free. It is a fatpack in all colors and I love it :) Just giving you an impression below.

I got the cute teeshirt at Spearsong. There is also a tattoo gift at Spearsong.

The next outfits are by Graffiti wear. The very nice beige Flurtter dress is their new Midnight Mania board gift and the other 2 are on the lucky board and in the unlucky dip :)

The necklace and earrings set I am wearing with the lovely Flutter dress above is by Dryad Design and it is their group gift. WOW I love it. I also am wearing this set with the dress I found at Jane. I have blogged her free tanks many times before but this time she is also giving away this lovely white lace dress. Look at the message board on the wall.

I also got the Betsy set at Dryad Design. This lovely set is NOT free but the whole price goes to breast cancer. Please read the board on the wall in the conservatory at Dryad Design and please get this elegant set, Betsy ! I am wearing a Baiastice dress with this very very elegant set which you get at the entrance of Baiastice. You have to join the GLANCE group to get it (joining is free).

The shoes I am wearing with these lovely dresses are by Dink Di. They are a group gift and from their Midnight Mania baord. WOW I love the purple ones...but the blue and pink ones are also very elegant.

The next outfit and 2 lovely skins AND eyes are the group gift of EGOÏSME. There is also a male gift and in this male group gift is a pair of capri pants which also are a new release at the EGOÏSME store. Hmmm LOVE the skins and the outfit...and no I am not wearing a top with the capris :)

Last outfit for today is the lovely outfit which is free for members of the Classic with Style group. Hmm you can wear it as an elegant evening gown or as a smexy outfit with over knee boots :)