Monday, August 8, 2011

Just things I found somewhere...

I really have a problem with thinking up titles for y blog sometimes. Usually it is because I find too many different things and I can´t name all the shops in the title. That is what happened today.
So let me start with a few really nice skins by KRB. They have a few free boxes at the store and in one of them are these lovely skins. They are called Jilly Silk Sheet.
In another box I found these skins (Color me Pink) WITH hair by Chichickie ! WOW...the skins have hairbases and the Chichickie hair goes GREAT with that hair.
Last one contained 3 lovely polo shirts :)
The next skins are by Censored. The darker skin is called Kitty and it comes with 10 lipstick options (just showing you a few). The light skin is called Yumi and comes aslo with 10 lipstick options. The lipsticks are called Katien and sold separately. (NEW RELEASE = NOT FREE) The skins are 300 L$ and the lipstick is 80 L$.

BC skins & shapes has a new gift in store for group members. They recently changed SIM. WOW I love the skin and you get an outfit in the package too. Thank you Beautycode and good luck with the shop on the new sim.

Beautiful Dirty Rich (BDR) has a new group gift for August at their store. There are also new releases ladies, so while you are there take a look around, I bet you will find something you really like :)
The Neko gift is very wearable for non-Neko too.

Virtual Impressions has a few very nice gifts at their main store. A lovely white and blue pearl necklace and I especially LOVE the necklace and earrings set with the flowers. Very much summer. You have to join the (subscribo) group to get it.

M Motion has a few lucky boards at their store and I stood there for a while and YAY got these lovely outfits.

Bukka also has new gifts on their lucky chairs. I got this great shirt, it is also on the chair in red. The skirt is an older LC item from Bukka, but they have a new demin skirt in the chair too.
These great leggings and tops are by Izumiya. I got a lot of my poses there (not free, but very affordable) They have a freebie section upstairs. The shoes I am wearing with this outfit are from the Lucky Boards at BabyMonkey.
The next lovely dresses and tee are by Sweeter than Candy (STC) They moved store and in the new shop you can get both, dresses and top, for free. Congratulations on the new store and good luck on the new spot.

This top is from the lucky board at Bonne Chance. They have 4 at the store but R didn't show up much, just once ;)
I haven't been at Blue Blood for a while and when I jumped over and had a look I saw an R on their lucky board. YAY I got a lovely dress. There are several lucky boards, so hop over and maybe you are just as lucky as I was.

Paris Metro has the most lovely gowns. They move like a cloud and I really LOVE them. This one is a special release, the gown is NOT FREE (300 L$) but Rose worked together with Artistry by E and you can get a matching jewelry set at their store (175 L$). What a PERFECT combination !


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