Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Middle of the week blues

I just had the blues, didn't want to think up a title. didn't know how to put all the stuff I found on the blog so it would make sense. I am still puzzled how to get it all in one blog LOL.
Let me start with some lovely hair I got from Alice Project. I stumbled across their lucky boards and lucky chair while trying to find the Wonderland hunt item and wow I was addicted. Their hair is so great, you can color change it, with or without light or dark tips. And with or without streaks too. Just great hair !

I did find the WONDERLAND HUNT item at Alice Project :) You are looking for a soldier playing card (and they are sometimes very small and well hidden!). This is what was in the 2 cards at Alice Project. The top pic: hair is included. The lower pic: hair is NOT included, just the cup and both hats. Midle pic: Hair included, even extensions included.

The next shop on my list was Bitter bunnies, again for the WONDERLAND HUNT. I didn't find the hunt item there but they had a few midnigh mania boards which I clicked and YAY they closed. Look what was on them :) LOVE the shoes !

And I am also addicted to the apple bob thing at Deviance. WOW I love to bob...and YEAHHH I got 2 more prices I didn't have yet ! The lower pic: ONLY the wings are a gift from the Deviance Apple Bob.

OK The Wonderland hunt. I did find quite a lot from that hunt and I really think there are GREAT gifts from designers hidden in the soldier cards ! This drow skin is a gift hidden in the card at Deadfall design.

And these 2 lovely tops are hidden in the card at RND. I styled them with sexy hotpants by C'Est la vie and I am eating an icecream by Shiva !

This Alice in Wonderland tattoo is hidden in the card at Ink Blots. Find it and you can wear the tattoo !

Then I found the card at Dashwood and I got this lovely blue gown but also the cute red Queen outfit !

And another red queen outfit is hidden inside the card at Ragdolls. They also have a male outfit (which I am wearing too).

And this great outfit is by Pretty Kitties :) Find the card at their store and you can wear it.

The next one is a very funny hat. Find the card at RVI and you can dazzle your friends with this tea pot hat.

Last one is very funny....Tweedle Dee and Tweedly when I wore these items my eyes popped....promise me you won't laugh and I will show you why...Style by Kira is where you have to look for this card.