Saturday, August 20, 2011

More from Alli & ali and some other goodies

Deviance design still has that great apple bob tub at their store and oh boy do they have GREAT prices inside the tub. It is realy worth the wait ladies and it is worth all the rotten apples to get these great dresses. The pirate outfit is in 2 colors in the apple bob.
The blue dress and the silks come with a shape (just one shown).

I promised you all yesterday that I would put the rest of the hunt items from the birthday hunt by Alli & Ali hair on my blog ..and I do keep my promises. So here goes...and if you want to know how to get these lovely hairdos please look at my yesterday blog?
#30 is the great confetti hat :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALICE !

At Lucky Redhead you can get a complete avatar, maybe not fit for you ladies, but if you have a friend starting in SL this would be a nice start. It comes with several hairdos and clothes and a skin and shape AND an AO.

The next lovely gown and dress are by House of Beningborough. The yellow evening gown is delicate and elegant, perfect for a warm summer night. The cute olive colored dress is nice to wear for a city stroll.

I also went to GANKED. I simply love their jewelry, it is bold and stands out and the design is fabulous. There is a gift at the couch and this lovely set is on the Ganked Midnight Mania board.

OK I can't end my blog without showing you a few skins :) This first one is called Alice and I found it on Marketplace. It comes with a child shape (as it is made as a child skin) but it goes very well on a normal shape too.
And these 2 skins are a new release by Dulce Secrets. WOW amazing skins, but NOT FREE ladies. You can find the Geta skin at the Dulce Secrets MAINSTORE for 55 L$ this week only.
You can find the Saha skin at the 75 L$ Skin Sale Store (for 75 L$ ofcourse).