Saturday, August 27, 2011

OK I didn't want to be a mom....

OK I didn't want to be a mom, but there was this Midnight Mania board and they asked me to click...and the board closed and now I am stuck with this baby in my inventory. But if your deepest wish in SL is a cute baby girl, hop over to GUGU Baby and click their MM board.
The outfit is from one iof the other midnight Mania boards next to the Gugu Baby store.
And this outfit is also from one of the Midnight Mania Boards near Gugu Baby. Comes with the shoes.
I met AnaCintia at Bonne Chance as we both wanted to get this lovely blue dress with fading colors. It is 1 L$ ladies but a GREAT dress.
Bonne Chance has 2 lovely group gifts at their store too, joining the group is free.

AnaCinta told me she found a GREAt dress and boy was she right. The good thing: it is FREE and you can find it at Eret!ka.
I also got the LOVELY group gift from Furore. WOW That is one sexy dress girls !! And yes you are seeing it right. I am drinking beer (root beer and corona)and I do have a beer cooler...These cute props are by Boof.
Boof also has these Indiana Jones hat, whip and bag as a prop. I was lauging styling this lovely dress by Furore with these items :)
I also clicked the Midnight Mania board at Morea and YAY it closed and now I am the proud owner of this secy outfit...
Then I clicked the Midnight Mania boards at Creative Chaos. And I got a lovely black gown and some great white silks :)

And these lovely tops are from the Midnight Mania board at Pink Mares.
They are so cute :) All the hair I am wearing is by Alice Project (from their lucky chair and lucky boards) and the shoes are as always by BabyMonkey.
The last dress is special. I will copy what the owner of Tainted, Palerider Darkwatch, put in her note.

I recently had a friend in SL pass away, so in her honor I made two outfits... one Dress and one suit which I gave as group gifts in the notices for people who knew her, as she was a Tainted Model, to wear to the service. I will never sell these two outfits and never give them away again. I didn't want your reader to miss out on the amazing Dress because its really gorgeous and it kills me that I wont be giving it away again. I sent it yesterday so it has 13 days left in the notices.... My intention is not to increase my group... but I am hoping that blogs throughout SL might help me to plaster "In Loving Memory of Ladylara1 Quartz" all over the internet.

Despite the last words I wish you all HAPPY SHOPPING Ladies.