Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Am I a Golden Girl?

This morning I hopped over to Fallen Gods because there is a fortune teller there and if you get a 100 % match with a friend you BOTH get....WOW an amazing golden skin and outfit. Worth to have a try ladies :)

Next to the fortune teller are 2 lucky chairs and I was very lucky, I got 3 necklaces...

 Then I hopped over to BDR (beautiful dirty rich). I love their hair and I love their design though I am not really into Neko...BDR has a new hair release in a LOT of colors, called Yadhira. The good thing is that the CORAL color is FREE!
The hair band comes in one or 2 colors and is color change !

BDR is also participating in the Alice in Wonderland hunt ! This hunt is running till the 19th of September and if you find the hunt item at BDR you will be the proud owner of this great (Neko) outfit !

I am using the Alice in Wonderland poses by Love Me Brutal with this outfit.

The next suit and lovely gown are by Cillian'gel in the Fashion Forward hunt. You have to pay 10 L$ for each item and they are on display in the shop...find the hunt item, pay 10 L$ and it is yours :)

Then I found this LOVELY hair, with or without forelock and in ALL colors. You can change the haircolor with an easy to use color change hud. The feathers can be taken off. The hair band is color change. To get this lovely hair you have to join the Make This In SL- group and check notices. So no LM...just find the group in search or in my profile.

This next hair (yes I know: I am a hair freak, and a skin freak, and a shoe fanatic)...but this hair I found on Marketplace. It is free and it is called Ellie and it is by Tameless. It somes in all colors (just showing you a few).

This hair is by Edelstore and it is called Fedra. Just one color, but GREAT hair. I have been wearing it with the jeans I blogged before.

The next 3 hairstyles are by the same shop on Marketplace. The shop is called Syndelicious and the first hairstyle is called Tempest.

The next hairstyle is called Felicia.

The last hairstyle by Syndelicious is called Elfie and comes with a aht.
All the hairstyles are fatpacks.

That was it for today ladies.