Friday, August 12, 2011

Chandelle, BDR, Prim & Pixels, Ragdolls and Vicious

Chandelle ... I never had been there before, but they have lovely designed clothes. High quality, very nicely made and a joy to wear. They have a member group which is 25 L$ to join. But then you get a LOVELY gift each month. Look below what I got. The black short dress is the August gift and the matching shoes are available for 1 L$.

The other dresses are all previous gifts. The bare feet are a new group gift by Coco.

I am wearing BDR (Beautiful Dirty Rich) hair with these outfits. Both hairstyles are new released, so NOT FREE, but the BDR hair is always very affordable ( 50 L$ for 10 colors).
And I just liked both styles :) The hair on the left is called Rinoa, on the right you see Chelle. The hairband is color change.
Prim & Pixels is giving away these playful summer wedges. Perfect to wear on a day at the beach, or for a shopping spray in the afternoon. You can even wear them with a gown :)
The lucky board at Ragdolls has this sexy outfit on it. And YAY I was lucky this time and R showed up.
Last shop for today was Vicious. They have a hughe section with free outfits. I just picked out a few I liked, but there are MANY more. Some come with the shoes or boots and some even come with the (blond) hair ! Hop over and take your pick ladies :)
Jewlry is bfrom the lucky chair at Ganked. (blogged yesterday)