Friday, June 1, 2012 love it or you hate it....or is there a way you can just like it??

When you talk about MESH to friends, designers or customers you will find out that some LOVE Mesh and some just HATE it. I belonged to the HATE IT group...but I got some really really nice MESH clothes and somehow it grew on me...and I like it actually!
Look at the great MESH gown, called Sophia, 22769 has put up as a gift in the Mesh around hunt ! I actually love that dress...
The hunt is all about MESH stuff and it runs till June 15th and you have to look for a sign with a blue M on it. Here is the list of particpants.
I styled the lovely Sophia dress with shoes by N-Core, pearl jewelry set by AlienBear, and a cute clutch by BabyMonkey.
22769 is also participating in the Silk Road Hunt. You have to look for a small pagoda and the hunt runs till June 30th. 22769 has put up some great golden bangles for ladies and a very cute shirt for guys. But hey the shirt looks like a hippie dress to my, so I styled it with a cute necklace by Bens Beauty and an older gift: a lovely hippie totebag by Mischief (comes with shoes).

Last hunt: Men Only hunt...this hunt runs till June 9th so you have to be fast to get the have to look for an Ipod. And if you find this Ipod at 22769 you get these great (mens) colorfull capris. I styled them with a tanktop by Jane, a cute totebag by LpD and a scarf by Mr. Poet. The cute bare feet are by Zero Cool.
I am wearing one of the elegant JANE tanks with a mesh skirt which is the subscribo group gift by Blueberry. The cute jewelry is a former group gift by Crystal Line.
Blueberry also has this elegant MESH dress as a gift for subscribo members. It is called Magic outfit and the boots (mesh too) are included.
And this dress is also a subscribo gift, again by Blueberry! It is called Vela and the jewelry is by Finesmith, called Winter Gift.
Talking about jewelry: The designer of Earthstones had her 5th rezday and as a present to all SL ladies she made her group joiner free for a few days. And WOW do they have great group gifts !!! Besides that there is a sale with discounts up to 80 %.

If you are wondering what skin I am wearing with the lovely Eartstones is the newest group gift by Heartsick. They send out this lovely skin called Chloe and you get 2 lovely skintones and a choice to wear it with cleavage, medium, big or small.
The next skin is by Essencial and it is their newest Lucky Board item.The skin is called Jessica.
I found some more great skins. This one is by Mother Goose and it is called MORAN. It is a gift from one of the 6 lucky boards at Bombi Korean Events.
Another gift from the Bombi Korean Events lucky boards is this cute headband by Monso.
Mother Goose also has these GREAT make-ups for just 1 L$ at the Bombee Korean Events! Just look around to find their store. You get 14 different eye make ups...and why are there 15 pics? Because I took one double but I couldn't remember which one :)

If you are wondering on which skin I am showing you the make up? I hopped over to Mother Gooses and I got some more great skins from their lucky boards. They have soooo many and the letters change every 3 minutes, so you don't have to wait long to get a new skin!

Last one for today is Sentou Youssei ..they are particpating in the Retro Swap meet on the WASH sim and all their items in this swap meet are 10 L$ or less. I am just showing you a selection ladies...they have much more for just 10 L$ or less, so it is really worth to take a look !
The offers by Sentou Youssei range from cute shoes, boots, shirts, pants to hookas.