Thursday, June 21, 2012

Midnight Dream Summer Festival, Sound Gravis Beach, Flawless, Sassy and Virtual Impressions

A few days ago I visited a few festivals. I actually loved the Midnight Dream Summer Festival as it is based on beautiful dreams. Some designers give out a gift at this festival and there are also about 10 lucky boards where you can win some great prices. And this is what I got there: lovely hat by Ribbon. A cute skirt by MuiMui, all fromthe lucky boards. The top is not from this festival, it is by JANE. And the cute shoes and bag are by Bitter Candy look for box on the floor).
I also got this great skin by Mother Goose from a lucky board at the Midnight Dream Summer Festival.
I also got this beautiful skin by Coco Fileds form a midnight Mania board at the Midnight Dream Summer Festival.
And this cute sweater by M*Motion at the Midnight Dream Summer Festival LB.
I am wearing the M*Motion sweater with free jeans I got at Eternal Darkness. You get 3 different types of jeans.
Then I went to Sound Gravis Beach Festival and many designers offer some of their great designs there for a very low price. And there are a lot of freebies to be found too! Just walk around, look at the stalls and find all those great gifts by the designers.
Like this lovely skin, by Skin II Skin, called Stars in your eyes.
Or this elegant skin called Cookie by Mother Goose.
Mother Goose also gives you these great warm socks at Sound Gravis Beach Festival.
And this lovely necklace and earrings set is the free gift at Sound Gravis Beach by Sn@tch.
I am wearing the lovely jewelry set by Sn@tch with the lovely free gown by N.Adjian, also a gift at Sound Gravis Beach. I styled this lovely gown with the shoes BabyMonkey has as a gift in the TOSL Birthday hunt. You have to find a small shopping bag at the participating stores.
Then I got this cute microphone by KcT at Sound Gravis Beach and it turned me in an instant into a great singer :) Good thing you can't hear me sing here ! The microphone is animated.
And these cute sandals are a free gift at Sound Gravis Beach by MDRM. You get 2 different pairs !

I am wearing those aqua sandals with the lovely Kiedis top which is a free gift at Sound Gravis Beach too, and with older free capris by Aleida (closing sale it still going on for another few days)
Kiedis also gives you these 3 beautiful nails at Sound Gravis Beach.
And thiese 2 great dresses, and the cute bag are gifts by LavendaChic at Sound Gravis Beach. The cute earth worm on my head is a gift by

These cute high tops are a gift by DuH! at Sound Gravis Beach.
You can also find this star ring by at Sound Gravis Beach. And that was the last gift I found there ladies.
I haven't been at Flawless for a while and when I hopped over to their store I found out that they have a beautiful dollarbie (1 L$) at their store. This skin is called Hope and the tone is tan and it is just 1 L$.
Sassy has this great sweater on their Midnight Mania board. You get a white and a brown version so TP your friends and start clicking.
Last one for today: Virtual Impressions has a new group gift out for their members and it is this lovely set!