Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Some hunts are just a Hipnose....

Today I am going to start with FreebieSowo, a place where you can find many lovely freebies and dollarbies ! I just got a few, but there are many more...and you can mix and match all you like.
The freebies and dollarbies (1 L$) have been put there by generous designers and I want to thank them all, because they are really lovely. Like these great booties Oh Shoot has put up at Freebiesowo.
 I used the boots with the pants and top outfit Wertina Ocelot has put up at Freebiesowo. The bag comes withthe lovely booties by Oh Shoot.
And all these tops below are also by Oh Shoot. I styled the tops withthe Ocoches red pleated mini skirt, and with the cute jeans skirts by Meadow MSM.

These elegant shoes are also at Freebiesowo and they are by Prowincja Madeleine.
I found these elegant yellow shoes at FreebieSowo and they are by Balance Gabi.
The last dress I got at FreebieSowo is this Brazil dress.  The poses are by Frozen Poses.
Then I went to Hipnose. They always have GREAT group gifts and they change often. Two gifts are for guys. One was a tuxedo this time, which I am not showing. The other one is the black teeshirt with the pants. The shoes with the pink outfit and the shoes with the soft violet outfit are included.

Then I went to Loordes of London. Actually I went there because they are participating in the Mesh Around hunt. You have to find a large blue M in this hunt, and you can find a HINT page HERE. And this is the gift you can find at Loordes of London. (top only, MESH)
Then I found out Loordes of London is also participating in the DRAFTED hunt (you have to find a grenade). And this is the hunt price: (boots not included)
Loordes of London is also taking part in the GISH hunt. You have to find a cross and you have to pay 1 L$ for this hunt item.
Another hunt at Loordes of London is the CHH hunt. The hunt item is a green flower and you get these lovely sandals if you find at at the store !
If you find a silver ball with a spiralic metal spring at Loordes of London you have found the hunt item from the AHH hunt. 1 L$ for this hunt price.
The next hunt at Loordes of London is the Summer Love PPH hunt. You have to find a yellow duckling to get this elegant pants & top outfit. 1 L$ for this hunt ladies.
Last one at Loordes of London I found was the hunt item of the TAH hunt. It is a red shopping bag...and you have to look low to find it. But is you do you get these great sunglasses.