Sunday, June 10, 2012

A group gift, some great offers, sun & freckles and some more hunting to do...

Let me start today with the lovely JUNE group gift by Pulse. Wow I love this dress, so simple and elegant. I love the color too. What else can I say? Joining the group is free.
The next 3 items are by Purple Moon and they are the managers choice. Each outfit is complete with ballerinas and necklace and is just 60 L$ this week only! So grab them while they are priced this low ladies. Purple Moon has great quality clothes !

I sat in the sun today and ohhh my I was so red afterwards...and my freckles were showing. If you want to look the same as I did you can go over to the MARKETPLACE shop by Eyelure and get light freckles, heavy freckles, lipbalm, sun & freckles or sun & freckles & lip balm...all for just 60 L$.
Then I did some more hunting, again in the Mesh Around Hunt. This hunt runs till June 15th so you have to be fast to get all those lovely gifts! You can find a very helpful HINT page HERE. And you have to look for a blue M at the participating stores !
I found a lovely pants & top set which also comes with a cute clutch bag as an extra gift inside the M at Echo. Ohhh I simply love this outfit! I tried to take a peek inside the box to see what the extra gift was...and inside I found that great matching clutch baggy !!
Envy Me also has a great top & pants set hidden inside their M from the Mesh Around hunt ! Way different than the Echo one, but still a very great set!
Pirate Arts has TWO sets of clothes hidden inside their M from this hunt. A lovely red pair of pants with a matching top and a white pair of leggings with another cute top. Ofcourse you can mix and match as much as you like !

I actually found quite a lot of tops in the Mesh Around hunt and some pants too. So I mixed and matched the checkered pants I found inside the M at Buid with the cute top Jinx'd has hidden inside their M.
And  I did the same with the pirate pants I found hidden inside the M at Factory Couture and the sweater which is the gift in the Mesh Around hunt at [NN].
The next tops are the gift inside the M of the Mesh Around hunt at Apple May Design. You get 2 tanks with different prints if you find that M...

Or if you like these have to go hunting at The Plastik ...and find that M...and if you do these tops are yours :)

The next tops are by NiNight Creations and one is actually for males..the other for females. All you have to do is TP over and find that blue M at their store !

I found another very elegant top/jacket and this one is the gfit for the Mesh Around hunt at E! Eclectic Apparel. I love this cute simple jacket ! Just find the M ladies...I styled the jacket with an older lucky chair gift by Mezzo (shop no longer there).
Those were all the tops I found in this hunt...but I found a few other items too. Like these great eyelashes in 2 colors which are hidden inside the M at MiaMai. A problem with mesh thoug is that you cannot adjust the items....(at least I couldn't)
Or these beautiful eyes in a lovely honey shade. They are the hunt gift at Mayfly and they are yours if you find the M.
If you love jewelry, you will love these earrings which are hidden inside the M at MG Jewelry. They come in silver and gold.
Last one from this hunt is a very cute top hat which I found inside the M at Illusions...I tip my (top)hat to all designers in this hunt. The gifts were great and I actually love them all. Thank you so much !