Saturday, June 16, 2012

Just a little bit of styling...

Today I am going to show you some really nice outfits by Sascha's Design. And I am going to show you what you can use to style them to your liking !
Not everything today is free ladies, but it is all very affordable.

Let me start with the lovely Atteris gown by Sascha's Design. It is their weekly gown offer and you can get this gown for just 325 L$. It comes wiht more options than I am showing you. There is even a lovely flower hat included.
With this lovely gown I am wearing make up by Madrid Solo. I simply fell in love with her make up when I found it at Siria's Fashion Room (blogged HERE). This make up I am wearing is called FLIRT and it is so beautiful. 150 L$ at the Madrid Solo store. The earrings are a gift at the ArisAris Summer Festival by Moonshadow (find the ice cream cone).
This make up is called Lash out and it is 150 L$ per color and it is also by Madrid Solo. Look around in the store, there is also full make up available for 150 L$.

The beautiful jewelry set I am wearing on these pics is by Adiction Jewelry.
Addiction Jewelry is participating in the ZombiePopcorn Carnival 2012.  They are offering an exclusive set only available at this event. This new set and all other items they have there are discounted 50% until the carnival ends.

Then I heard LAZURI is having a great sale ! They are renovating the store and Zuri has put soooo many lovely jewelry up for such a LOW price...I couldn't believe it !!! WOW the prices start from 10 L$ !
There is a room full of sale items in the store  (go all the way behind).

This lovely set is called Flower Essence Diamond and Pearls set and it is available for just 50 L$ ! You can change the color of the pearls, the gems and the metal by touch!
And this set is called Ruby Jewelry set and it is color change as well. Just 20 L$ ladies !! Can you believe that?

Or you can go for this elegant set, which is called Sanaa. Also color change and just 100 L$ for the necklace, earrings and the bracelets !
And these gem change bangles are available for 50 L$. All at LAZURI ladies. The gems are color change so you can adjust them to every outfit you are wearing !
Sascha's Design also has a great gown for just 60 L$ ladies, which you can style with all the lovely jewelry and make up above too ! This gown is called Arabella.
With this lovely Arabella gown you could wear the great shoes I got at BabyMonkey. They are a group gift :)
Or you can wear this beautiful lace bow by Eyelure with this elegant gown :)
75 L$ for this elegant black lace bow.
While you are looking at the 60 L$ gown you will notice that Sascha's design also has a great pants & top & over the shoulder sweater set for just 60 L$ , called Zara. I styled this set with the boots I found at Pelleteria Morrisey (free) and a 2 bags I found there too (also free).

You can also wear the sexy red boots I got from Bootgasms Midnight Mania board with the Zara outfit ladies !
Or you can wear those cute kitty flats with this outfit. The flats are a group gift by BabyMonkey.
Or you can even wear these boots with the Zara outfit. These are also a group gift at BabyMonkey. The metal and the socks are color change or you can wear them without the socks too.
Sascha's Design is also taking part in a hunt, called SBH. You have to find a small shovel at the store and where do you think is a good place to hide this shovel?? If you can find it this lovely Brigitte dress is yours. (MESH)
And the last dress for today is the great MONDRIAAN dress also by Sascha's Design. Mondriaan was a famous Dutch painter. The dress comes in 5 great colors and it is 99 L$ per dress. MESH but there is a demo available to check if you can wear it.