Thursday, May 31, 2012

Some days just are perfect

And I hope my blog will be perfect too, though it will be a mix again. A mix of hair, funny dolls, skins, new releases, group gifts and lucky board gifts. So you can pick whatever you like !

Here goes: I went to SABBIA and they have some great new group gifts. They also have 2 lucky board, one with MESH khaki pants and one with MESH boots. Joining the S@bbia group is free.
Even the shoulder bag is a group gift ladies.

Now if you are wondering where I got those cute deck shoes: at Plausible Bodies. They have a great store inworld (I usually get their items on Marketplace) with pay-as-you-like things. I got the deck shoes and some great classic pumps. The pumps come in many color packs, I chose the blue ones.
The deck shoes come with white or leather laces and in 5 colors.
Just look around and you will see much more great offers ladies !

Then I got the beautiful new released skins by BeautyCode! WOW They are so amazing, and come in many great make-ups. The skin is called Stacy and there is a Stacy shape too. You also get an optional cleavage tattoo.
Price per make up 790 L$ and for the shape 390 L$.

The next shop I went to was Hinako. I got another hairstyle from the Lucky Board (group only but joining is free) and they have this cute GATCHA machine, which is 20 L$ per try ! You get cute dolls on your shoulder, on your neck, in your cute !!! And very cute bags too !

D!va also has 2 lucky boards (no group needed) and I got this cute hair there.
You get 2 styles and you can wear them with or without the bow.
Then I took a look at GraffitiWear newest releases. The lovely Handy bathing suits are great ! And just 50 L$ each color (comes in many lovely colors). The hair with hat was a former freebie at Mimi's Choice.
The sexy lingerie set is called Booty shorts and they come in many colors too. 95 L$ for each color.

GraffitiWear also changed their Midnight Mania Board gift, their Lucky Board gift and their Unlucky dip gift !

The last shop I went to was Candy Nail. I got their group gift, the lovely rainbow nails (joining is free) and I stood at their lucky board for a long time....but allas I didn't get those great raindrop nails !