Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Siria's Fashion Room, Paris Metro, the Designer Circle and the rest I found

These days I am blogging 2 Designer groups who both offer designs by great designers for just 100 L$ or less. One is The Designer Circle, which I will blog below. The other one is Siria's Fashion Room and I will start with that one.

These cute checkered jackets with or without Tee shirts are by Nitro and you can find them at Siria's Fashion Room. There are a lot of different teeshirts with jackets! Nitro also offers a short sleeved shirt. Remember: all items are 100 L$ or less. The jackets are MESH so you need a mesh viewer to see them.

I am wearing a beautiful necklace and earrings set with the jackets above and you can find that too at Siria's Fashion room. It is by AB Creations. You get 2 different types of earrings with this set, lovely longer ones and round ones.
And this lovely dress is by Angela Ronsein. You can wear it in different ways, as a short thight sexy dress, or with the fun skirt or even with the baydoll layer. All styles are great ! At Siria's Fashion Room ladies...take a look around.
Over to the lovely gown Paris Metro is giving away as a freebie at Santorini Island! WOW...perfect for a night dancing at the Santorini club :)
Then I went to the Designer Circle ladies. I explained the idea a few times, all items there are 100 L$ or less and they are all by great designers! Like this beautifull necklace and these elegant matching earrings and rings, which are all by BeautyCode.
BeautyCode also has clothes! They just started selling them and if you always went there just to get a skin or jewelry why don't you take a look at their new designs? I am just showing you a few below, there are many more and all great may I add. The cute hair is by Mayden Couture and you can find a fatpack at the Designer Circle.

Another designer who has some great designs at the Designer Circle is SMEXY. They also have some great jewelry at the Designer Circle, like the dice set I am showing you below.
Smexy also has some great bracelets and earrings at the Designer Circle and cute heavy plateau boots in black, called Music boots.

Then I got this great skin at JeSyLiLo. The skin is called Suummer and it is their newest group gift!
I can't believe it but Unique Megastore is giving away a skin too (actually TWO, male and female). You can get the Avatar skins for free at their mainstore !
Then I have some TOSL Birthday hunt gifts left in my inventory. You have to find a shopping bag in this hunt and  if you find that bag at Omigawd you get this cute summer outfit including the flip flops and the tattoo.
And The Lemondrop shoppe is also participating in the TOSL hunt and they give away this very sexy jacket inside their shopping bag. The shorts are the TOSL hunt gift at Insatiable Fashion and the cute tank is a freebie by JANE.
The last one for today is the great new complete avatar Tameless just has released. Yesterday I blogged the great VIX hair, this avatar is called VIX. You get 4 different skin tones, and the VIX hair in black, charcoal, white and silver (colorchange by touch, streak is also color change). And ofcourse the skin, eyes, shape, the piercings and all the clothes and boots shown below. This avatar is also avaiable on MARKETPLACE for just 299 L$ for the time being.