Tuesday, June 12, 2012

It's time for a new hairdo

And what better place to get new hair than Alli & Ali. They have changed their voting gifts and their group gifts and they have many lovely gifts in their Marketplace store.
You can find the Voting gift and the Group gift at the Alli & Ali mainstore.
The HUnter hair is the group gift for PETITES.
The Dakota hair and the Balthar hair (which are the group and voting gift hairs)can also be found on their ACTION wall, with many great offers. Group members get a 50 % discount (wear your group tag).

The next hair can be found at the Marketplace store of Alli & Ali. The names are linked to the store. And all this lovely hair is free.

BALTHAR silver.

Over to Tameless. They have a beautiful new relaease, a great updo called Sophia. It comes with an easy to use click and change menu, and each pack has several colors. NOT free.

Tameless also has 2 lucky chairs ladies and I was so lucky to get 2 of their hairstyles. The letters change every 5 minutes.

The next shoes are by N-Core and they are their newest group gift.
I am wearing the N-Core shoes with the lovely dress I got at U.one. All their items are just 1 L$ and I didn't only get the dress there but also the gold bangles and the great earrings. Ready for a night clubbing.
I got some more casual clothing at U.one too...like I said: everything is just 1 L$, even the shoes and booties.

Then I went back to L3S and I was so lucky to get 2 of their many lucky board items. A beige warrior outfit and a naughty girl dress.

Last one for today is Pekas and they have new Midnight Mania board items. So get your friends over and start clicking...

Pekas also changed their group gifts and you can see the new ones below.