Monday, June 4, 2012

Some Lucky Boards, some BeautyCode and some hunting to do...

Today I have been standing at the lucky boards at Sakide because I had clicked their Midnight Mania board yesterday and I was curious if it closed. It did ! And I got these elegant pants and top set and 2 cute tops from the Midnight Mania boards. You can wear the tops with or without lace. The necklace I am wearing is an older gift from the lucky boards at Mezzo (couldn't find the shop anymore, the LM leads to a building site).

And this outfit is from the lucky boards at Sakide.
I went back to Hinako hair ladies, and they have even more lucky boards now !
I was so lucky to get 2 lovely styles but ohh I want them all. The letters change every 10 minutes. There is also a lucky board with a cute dress to the right, but that is group only (joining however is free!) and you get a great group gift too. (blogged before).

Then I went to the Bombi Korean SL Events sim and stood at their lucky boards for a while and below is what I got there, cute shoulder dolls and a teddybear.

The next stop was Bonne Chance and they have 2 lucky boards too. They are group boards and joining the BCC group is free. I got lovely hair with flowers there and a cute top. The 2 schoolgirl dresses in beige and dark blue are group gifts (shoes not included).

Enough with the lucky chairs and midnight mania.
These elegant bikini's are by Viviane Fashion and they come in six lovely colors. They are 99 L$ each ladies.
I blogged the lovely Stacy skin in tan and the Stacy shape by Beautycode before, but there is another lovely skintone of this skin: fair. It comes with many lovely make ups. The darker tan version was blogged HERE. 790 L$ for each make up version and 390 L$ for the shape.

Over to some hunting. Hot stuff is taking part in the Show me Your Style hunt. They have 2 gifts at their store, one for guys and one for gals. The hunt starts on June 10th and you can find the HUNT page here. But I am giving you a sneak preview of the lovely gifts at Hot Stuff.

The Mesh Around hunt started and in this hunt you will only find MESH items (well not really as I found out...there are a few gifts that are NOT mesh at all). If you want to find these gifts you have to look for a blue M at the patricpating stores. You can find a HUNT list with hints and pictures HERE.
The starting point is Evolve. And if you find the M at their store you will get this great MESH skirt and the MESH beanie. The top is by Jane.
Then I went to Sakide as you saw above. To my surprise they are participating in the Mesh Around hunt while you are there look around for the M ladies and you can add these 2 great MESH dresses to your inventory. Shoes are included, necklace is by Mezzo.

The next stop was at B&T Mesh studio. If you can find the blue M at their store this elegant black MESH dress is yours !
And if you hop over to Eclat you will get this very sexy MESH dress (showing nipples) inside the blue M.
A more decent dress is the one Geometric clothing has hidden inside their blue M from the Mesh Around hunt !
And the last one for today is the hunt price in the Mesh Around hunt by Happy Undead. You get 2 great sweet dresses, one in melon and one in summer colors. I simply love them !