Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Something expensive, something free, something cheap...

Sometimes I put something expensive on my blog and this is one of those days. Yesterday I told you about Aidoru builing a native American scenery on the SL9B. And I showed you an outfit by Aidoru to wear to SL9B. But Aidoru and Boudoir worked together on another outfit...and I couldn't resist to blog it. It is called Native Girl and you get a naughty and a good girl version :) There is a turquoise and a leather version. The naughty version has nipple covers in stead of a bra.
Besides that there is an extra pack with feather accesoires available.
You can get this outfit at BOTH stores BOUDOIR and AIDORU and this outfit is NOT cheap.

I am wearing the Mother Goose Cookie skin with this outfit and the feet are by N-Core (not free). The skin is available at the Sound Gravis Beach festival, Mother Goose has a shop there with lucky boards. The skin is called Cookie and you get a parted lips version too.
I got some more skins, these are by Dulce Secrets. Dulce Secrets is taking part in the Flawless Summer Lovin' Cart Sale and they have a fatpack with Colene skins for just 50 L$ there. They also have beautiful Summer Lovin eyes, 20 L$ for both colors. And the Merlyn skins are available in packs of 2, each pack is 100 L$. The cart sale starts on the 23rd of June.

These skins are gifts in hunts and you can find them at Essencial. That is IF you find the hunt items in the Summer Loving hunt...and in the Saity Falls hunt. The top skin is the gift in the Summer Lovin hunt, the lower one is the male gift (bloody teeshirt) and the female gift (skin with cuts & bruises) in the Sanity Falls hunt.

Then I got a lot of hair. This first hair is the newest release by Pomme D'Amour and it comes in lovely colors.
The next hair is by Clawtooth and it is free. The hair is called You say Tomato. You get a lot of tones, I am showing you just a few.
Over to Alli & Ali. They have changed their group gifts and their voting gifta at the Alli & Ali Mainstore. There is also an action wall with lots of offers. Group members get a 50 % discount.

Alli & Ali also has a lot of free gifts on their Marketplace store. Like this hair, which is called Artemis.
Or this hair, called Balthar (actually for guys).
And this hair is also free for a limited time. It is called Dakota.
And this hair is called Hanna.
The next hair is also free and it is called Lucky.
The last hair by Alli & Ali is called Nena.
Then my friend Mrokness Viper gave me a Tp to the lucky boards at Pulcino. They have a few lucky boards and there are nails on the lucky boards. YAY I got them! Thanks Mrokness.
The last one is by MPD. I love the name of this store: Multiple Personality Design. And I love the store. All their designs are fun and colorful and they are all just 1 L$ for single outfits and 3-5 L$ for fatpacks! There are even shoes available! store for sure. The outfits below are from the Lucky Boards. The shoes are included.