Friday, June 29, 2012

Almost weekend :)

More time for shopping ! Or hunting!
And I am going to show you where to go for good bargains or free stuff. But let me start with the great 4th of July clogs Aidoru has put as a group gift at their store. They are ever so cute and perfect to wear on your 4th of July parties! You can change the style with a HUD.
I have some more goodies from the DESIGNER LOFT.
Beautycode is participating in this Designer group too and they have these love skins there and a beautiful necklace and earrings set. At the Designer Loft lots of great designers offer one or more of their items for 100 L$ or less, so TP over and take a look !

The next items are all from the DESIGNER CIRCLE. It is the same concept as the Designer Loft, you can get all items there for 100 L$ or less. Ranging from skins, poses, beautiful clothes, make-up, hair and a lot more.
This first outfit is by Kennedy's and it is a sexy ripped dress. You can find it at the Designer Circle ladies, but I am giving you also the landmarks to the stores of the participating designers, just in case you want to see more of their designs ! Kennedy's also has a GREAT color change hairbow at the Designer Circle. You can change it with a hud into many many colors and adjust the bow to every outfit you have.
And this fun outfit is by Barely Legal Couture. The dress is called Bella and the matching boots are called Boom boots. Both at the Designer Circle.
The next zebra bandeaux top in purple is by Cheeky and the cute balloon pants are by E-Clipse. You get 3 different colored pants and you get also 3 belts. I am wearing the belts ton-sur-ton (same color on same color) but you can also mix and match ! All are available at the Designer Circle.
I blogged MEB yesterday but I only had the vendor picture of the Seashore outfit. And oh boy it is a beautiful outfit. The elegant pumps come with the outfit and I simply love it. At the Designer Circle ladies.
If you are wondering why I turned blond all of a sudden: I got the newest subscribo gift by Truth, which is a fatpack of Jessie hair (MESH). I am showing you below the blonde version and (what else?) the red version, but you get all colors. Subscribe and check the notices. With this hair I am wearing a beautiful necklace and earrings set by Virtual Impressions. It is called Colette and it is NOT free.

And I am also wearing this beautiful Colette necklace set with the free gown I found at Q Q. Thank you so much Ann Krokus for your tip :) Too bad no R or A came up on the lucky boards there !
Back to the Designer Circle.....The next items can all be found at the Designer Circle (remember: all items there are 100 L$ or less) and it is all by Headturners. Like this beautiful glittery lipstick, called sequin lips in 2 colors.
Headturners also has these elegant summer eyelashes at the Designer Circle. They are in a pack called Summer Set and you get lots of lipsticks and nailpolish too. And a lovely bag in yellow and red, called Katherine. All available at the Designer Circle.

Over to the Depraved Summer Love hunt, or for short DSL. You have to find a round black box with a flower on it for this hunt. And if you find that box at K-MADD you will get this cute short hair (I think it is actually for guys). The hair is called Jesse and you get 2 tones. And you get a pair of very sweet grey eyes!
If you hop over to Repulse however you get these scary red eyes.....with one even the eye white is completely red. Not really my cup of tea, but I am sure there are some of you who love to wear these eyes. Just find that round box :)
I also found the round box from the DSL hunt at Hysteria. It is red make up and mind me it will go great with the red eyes *giggles*. So go hunting ladies to wear this red make up.
You can even wear the piercings Pekka has hidden inside the DSL box with the red eyes and the red make-up. But you can ofcourse also wear them with your own make-up and outfits :) You only have to FIND them.
Another great gift is hidden inside the round box of the DSL hunt at Cheeky. The very low rise pants are their hunt gift. I styled those pants with one of the lovely tops by Jane and with the cute shirt Nitro has at the Siria's Fashion Room (all items there are 100 L$ or less).
Last one for today is the gift AlterEgo has hidden inside their box for the DSL hunt. Just a cute outfit and if you are missing such a sexy outfit in your inventory go hunting for that box ladies.