Friday, June 8, 2012

Today the European Championship Football games are starting....

And even though I actually do not like football at all, I am so patriotic that I still hope the DUTCH team will win this time :)
They have drawn Denmark, Portugal and Germany as their opponents in the first pool. Very strong teams, and there is a kind of rivalry with Germany as it is our neighbour. So I dressed up in the Dutch shirt and I am wearing a silly hat to cheer for our boys...
If you want to wear this shirt and hat too: it is by Revolt and you can find it on MARKETPLACE for free.

You can also get a Dutch box with a lot of stuff to make your SIM or shop Dutch minded for this championship. I found it on MARKETPLACE (free).

Then I went shopping for a gown or dress to wear in case we will win. You have to look your best on this party don't you? So I slipped into this lovely orange MESH dress (to stay in the color of my country). It is by 22769 and they have are participating in the ArisAris Summer Festival (from June 8th till June 24th). The dress comes in 6 colors and the jacket is inlcuded. NOT free though ladies !
After the ArisAris festival the dresses will be availble at the 22769 store.
And if you are wondering where I got those cute shopping bags? They are by NC Paris and you can find them on MARKETPLACE. Shoes are by N-Core and they are called Femme (not free).

I tried on this great gown by Paris Metro at Santorini. It is called For the love of Dior and it is just 100 L$ this week only! Isn't that a great gown to wear on the victory party?
And I also tried the newest 60 L$ dress on by Sascha's Design. It is called Miss Sixty and like I said just 60 L$! (There is also a cute gold dress for just 60 L$, called Fifi).
I simply couldn't decide what to wear, so I hopped over to SLC (Serina Lacava Creations). They have a few GREAT offers, a lovely MESH dress called Felena in many sweet colors (showing you the red and the red swirl). The Felena dresses are just 60 L$ this weekend ladies. I styled the Felena dress with the elegant MESH boots SLC has as a 99 L$ offer this weekend. And I am showing you some of the MESH shirts SLC also has for just 60 L$ this weekend. You can get a romantic one with roses, or a sporty denim one, or...well there are many colors and textures available. At SLC ladies.

OK maybe I will go for the gown....or the cute dotted Miss Sixty...or...well whatever I will wear I do need some elegant jewelry to wear with my outfit. Beautycode is also participating in the ArisAris Summer Festival and they have this elegant jewelry for this festival. The jewelry is called Emerald Cut, and you can get earrings, a neacklace or rings in 4 different colors. Each part is 195 L$, But they also have a lovely set of butterfly rings for free at ArisAris Summer Festival. The items will later be for sale at the Beautycode store.

Then I wanted new know me: I am a skin, hair and shoe I stood at the lucky boards at Hinako for a while and YES I was so lucky to get the one hair I didn't get up till today :) The bow is color and texture change (3 ways).
I remembered that I also have found hair in the Mesh Around hunt !
You have to find a big blue M in this hunt and the HINTPAGE is very usefull.
I found this cute hair with daisies at Ploom. Find the M there and it is yours :)
The hair comes with a color change hud.
And Alice Project has hidden this fun pony tail hairdo inside their M from the Mesh Around hunt ! The hair is color change as you can see.

The last hair I found was at Discord Design. They have hidden this fun hair inside their Mesh Around M. The problem with Discord Design is that you have to find TWO hunt  Ms at the store, you get a lighter and a darker version of the hair.
I want to end this blog with something fun. I was standing at the lucky boards of Malizz Yiyuan and they just have FUN prices in their lucky boards. I got 2...a toasty in mout and a moustache ...the moustache is so much fun, if you click your mouth it makes a noise and you either stick your tongue out of your mouth or you pull a silly face :)