Thursday, June 21, 2012

I am a Freebie Fashionista !

Actually I had no idea they existed: Freebie Fashionistas. But somehow I got a message that Ciss poses had put some free poses there. And as I always love new poses I hopped over to take a look. Oh was I surprised !!
You have to join the group but then you get sooo many freebies from designers that I couldn't believe it. Joining the group is free by the way.

I am showing you the items I found below, the names of the shops that give you the free items are mentioned below each picture, but all the freebies are at FREEBIE FASHIONISTA.

These first poses are the free ones by Ciss Poses. They don't have a shop yet...I can't wait till they do ! The dress is by JStylez and the cute shoes are by DUH!

The next picture shows you the lovely white babydoll dress by Sacred Roses.
And on this picture abov eyou see the cute dress Emilia's has put at The Retreat (Freebie Fashionistas shop).

This dress is by Seldom Blue and it is 1 L$. Seldom blue has a whole WALL with 1 L$ dresses and gowns, so hop over and take a look if there is anything you like !

I found quite a lot of tops at The Retreat. These ones are by Be Reckless.
And these tops are by Delaunay. They have a bit of a hippie feel.
These next corsets are also a gift at The Retreat and they are by MaryMacs fine Mesh and the pasties are NOT included.
I found some more tops and these ones are by Sassy.
These lovely teal tops with flowers ar e a gift by Unique Clothing.
And this military outfit is by Shadow Moon.
This lovely gown is by Kitty Storm Paris.
I also found some lovely jewelry. This first set is by N@N@.
And this elegant set is by Zephir Jewelry.
This set, a lovely color change pearl necklace and earrings and diamond bangles is by Lazuri.
And this last necklace is by Sativa.
Then I found this beautiful skin at The Retreat. It is by WoW skins.
I also found some great hair in all those freebie boxes. It is by Facepalm.
And the last one are the elegant glitter shoes by Isis shoes.