Thursday, June 28, 2012

Showing you a bit of my WILD side...

Siria's Fashion Room has changed their offers some days ago and I still didn't get around to blog them all. So here is my next try.
Siria's Fashion room is a place where a lot of great designers offer one or more of their designs for 100 L$ or less. It is a great way to get to know designers work for a very low price! You could for example try these lovely skins called Alexx by S1Nners. You get 2 different skins, one with and one without blush, and 2 cleavage options. You can find these at Siria's Fashion room, but I am giving you the LM to the stores to just in case you want to see more.
The next cute outfit and the cap are by NS Mode and they are also available at Siria's Fashion Room. Even the cute bag is included !

And this is the outfit Guiliadesign has put in Siria's Fashion Room ! It is so elegant, and the boots are included. Wow amazing.
MissNoise has put these fun glasses at Siria's Fashion room. Perfect for a sunny summer and so much fun to wear !
Meb is also participating in Siria's Fashion room and this is what they have put up there. A lovely summer outfit.
Then I found another circle of designers at the Designers Loft. They are using the same system: they are putting one or more of their designs in the Designer Loft for 100 L$ or less, and you can get to know their designs there ! Let me start with my first blogging of this circle. It just has started, it will grow, so keep the LM ladies !!
This cute skirt is by Dreams and you can find it at the Designer Loft. I styled it with a beautiful necklace by Purple Moon (older gift) and with a thank by Jane (still available for free).
I am wearing the Dreams skirt with the cute Mickey and Minnie Mouse shirt also by Dreams which is also available at the Designer Loft.
The next pants are by Eyelure, and it is a set of 2 different fun pants. You can find them at the Designer Loft. I styled the both pairs of pants with a tank by Jane and with cute jewelry by DUH (older gift) and with the necklace by Purple Moon (older gift). The cute clutch is a hunt item in the SIHH hunt and you have to find a yellow rose. I found this one at Dirty Lil Secrets, but you have to pay 10 L$ for it.

Over to Natural Expressions. They are participating in the Flawless Treasure hunt and if you find the hunt item (a small treasure chest, which you have to buy for 10 L$) you will get this great outfit including the shape, skin and eyes!! In the scroll next to the chest you can find the hint to the next chest. The hunt runs till July 8th. The cute Lina shoes are by BabyMonkey.
Natural Expressions also takes part in the Hotstuff sale which means that they sell this sexy short dress for just 50 L$.
Purple Moon has a GREAT new group gift for their members, which will show you wild side ! I am wearing the cute cheetah shoes called Lina with the dress, they are by Babymonkey. Wetcat gives all Purple Moon group members a clothes rack with very cute poses ! You can find it next to the Purple Moon group gift.

The next dress is a gift by 1-800 Bettie. I love their retro design and this dress in 2 colors is just 1 L$! I am wearing it with the chunky shoes I got from the Midnight Mania board at Pins&Needles. The poses are by Pink Insidious and they are called Pricess Poses Sneaky, a new release (129 L$ per package).

I am using the poses by Pink Insidious also with the outfit I found inside a round box with the flower, which is the hunt item in the Depraved Summer Love hunt. The hunt runst till July 15th. This outfit is the hunt gift by Sour Pickles. The cute tippy toe feet are by N-Core (not free)
I did some more hunting in this DSL hunt, and my hunt took me to Deetalez where I found these cute pants in the round box with the flower. I styled the pants with a top by Jane and a shirt from Siria's Fashion Room, by Nytro.
And this elegant bathing suit or romper is by 1 Hundred and they hid this beauty inside their hunt box from the DSL hunt.
If you find that round box with the flower at AlterEgo you will be the proud owner of this cute black and blue dress ! So go hunting ladies !!
And if you are so lucky to stumble upon the round box at Bubble you get these MESH jammies...or you can wear it as a top too ofcourse !!
I saved the best for last: a new release by Tameless. This beautiful hair is called Cherry and it comes with the colorchaneg by touch which I love with the Tameless hair!! There are many colors...I am showing you just a few. NEW release, so NOT free.