Sunday, June 24, 2012

So much to blog and so little time..

At the moment my inventory is packed with freebies, group gifts and lovely new releases and I simply do not have the time to blog them all. But I am trying. So let me start with Siria's Fashion room. I blogged them before and at Siria's Fashion Room you will find so many great bargains. A lot of great designers offer one or more of their designs there for less than 100 L$ and that gives us all the opportuniy to get some great stuff for a very low price !

This beautiful skin is by WoW Skins and it is called Christelle. You can get it at Siria's Fashion Room! You get a no cleavage and a cleavage option.
WoW skins also has a beautiful skin for their group members, as they have reached the 1500 members! Congratulations WoW skins and thank you so much for this lovely gift! This gift you can get at WoW skins store.
Then I found some more great skins. These are by Rockberry and they are from their many lucky boards and the lucky chair. Get your friends over ladies, the skins are really great.

Rockberry also has a watermelon hunt going on in and just outside their store. You can find 12 watermelons and inside you will find 10 skins and some shorts and a FATPACK with beautiful eyes. I am just showing you a few of the eyes, but the pack contains all colors in 2 sizes: small and big.
The hunt actually ended on June 22nd so you have to be fast to find those melons. Rockberry ladies. THANK YOU Karen for this great tip !!!

The DESIGNER CIRCLE has changed their offers and they also moved to a new location ! Let me explain about the DESIGNER CIRCLE: a lot of great designers offer one or more of their designs there for just 100 L$ or less for a short period of time (about 10-12 days). A perfect way to get to know their designs for a low price ladies ! So why don't you hop over and take a look? You can for instance find the great jewelry by Vincenza Rosca there. They have put a lovely long necklace there and another set with earrings and bracelets. The fun thing is that the jewelry comes with a hud and you can change virtually everything about the jewelry: the stones, the metal and the small parts. It is so much fun to play with it..I had a great time to try it out. And ofcourse you can match your jewelry to every outfit you are wearing ! Just 99 L$ each at the DESIGNER CICRLE.

Another great bargain you can find at the DESIGNER CIRCLE are the excellent poses by Pink Insidious. They are calles PrincessMode and I use Pink Insidious poses a lot on my blog. These you can get at the new location of the Designer Circle for 100 L$ or less.
Over to Eyelure. They have released some new great hair bands. The colorful blueish one is called Silver hairband with paper flower and the pink ones, which come in a smaller and a bigger version, are called Pink Marble swirl. You can find them on MARKETPLACE or you can get them at the Eyelure store fot 75 L$ each.

I want to finish this blog with some great gifts you can find in the TOSL Birthday hunt. You have to find a shopping bag at the participating stores and if you find it you will get such great presents ! There is a helpfull huntpage HERE.
You can for example find this great outfit hidden inside the shopping bag at BLACKLACE. You can wear it in different ways.
Wow ..with the new skins above you will feel ever so sexy in this great outfit. Find that shopping bag to get it !
You can wear the sexy shoes by BabyMonkey with this outfit to finish it of. If you can find the shopping bag at Babymonkey they are yours.
Or you can hop over to Sassy to get this elegant pants & top outfit. I simply love it, perfect to wear to go shopping or just hang around lucky chairs :) (which is what I do btw) But before you can wear it you have to find that shopping bag!
The next outfit is by Lil Lace and it is their gift in the TOSL Birthday hunt. An elegant MESH romper, but so sexy and so much fun ! Go hunting ladies !
I want to end my blog with something fun, and what is more fun than Mickey Mouse ears? You can get this outfit if you find the shopping bag from the TOSL hunt at hurry and get is FUN !!