Sunday, June 17, 2012

I just can't think of a title....

So sorry but looking at the things I want to blog today I just cannot think up a title. They are all lovely and actually they should all be on top of the blog, but that is impossible. So I will just start with 22769. I kept wondering if 22769 was a birthdate or some secret code...well I found out, can you find out what it means too?

So 22769 has this elegant dress at the Gallery Gift shop. WOW it is amazing. Mesh, so you need a MESH viewer, but it is simply lovely. The dress is called Kate and I styled this lovely dress with shoes and a cute bag by BabyMonkey.
If you have not been visiting the Gallery Gift Shop: it is one of the cutest fairs ever - and artists offer wall art and sculptures for a very reasonable price. You will love it. Also: Since next month the Gallery Gift Shop will turn one year old the location will alter to a new building - so this is your last chance to check the Gallery Gift Shop out. 
22769 also has a MALE outfit at the Gallery Gift shop.
If you are wondering where I got the great flipflops I am wearing with the make outfit: They are the newest group gift at 22769. Including the cute beach bag !!
The very cute hot pants are a gift by 22769 in the A Deopraved Summer Love hunt.

I was at BabyMonkey to get the shoes for the Kate dress and I saw they have a lot of group gifts at the store. Like this elegant pansie dress, or the cute short summer dress (or is it a top?) or the striped PJs...All MESH ladies, so you need a MESH viewer to see them.

And this elegant (mesh) suit is also a group gift at BabyMonkey! I styled it with a cute bag I got from the lucky boards at Bella's Lullaby.
Bella's Lullaby has a few lucky boards at their store and they have some very nice group gifts too! Joining the group is free. I especially love the ladybug-on-nose which is a gift at Bella's Lullaby store. Below you can see all the gifts and lucky board items I got there. Most of the bags are from the lucky board. Beware, only the grey T-shirt is NOT mesh, the rest of the clothing is. The jeans are not included, they are an older freebie at HOC Industries.

Then I heard Hair shop HINAKO has put up a Lucky board at the Midnight Dream Summer 2012 festival and in this lucky board is the SMOKEY PINK version of their Lampone hair. They also have a gift at their stall at this festival: a fatpack of the lovely RITTO hair. I am showing you the LAMPONE hair and the Sunflower hair, both are for sale on the Midnight Dream Summer Festival. The top pic is the lucky board hair.

You could decide to wear the lovely Hinako hair with the beautiful new releases by Paris Metro. I simply love the way their clothes move ! This first gown is called So shall it be. It is available at the Paris Metro Main store (NOT free).
And the next dress comes with an elegant hat and it is called Ascot flower. I am showing you the pink and the blue one. Great summer dresses and both are available at the Paris Metro Main store. Will be released in the coming week.

Last one for today are the lovely group gifts at Intrepid. These 2 great dresses are free for group members and joining the group is free :)