Saturday, June 2, 2012

Oh do I love Paris...

Paris is such a lovely city and it has something....special. Maybe it is the french feeling? Maybe it is love? This beautiful gown by Saschas Design really made me think of Paris, and I fell in love with it instantly. The name of this beauty is Marcee.
Believe it or not: it is just 60 L$ for the next 2 weeks...and so id the elegant peach cocktail dress called Truth.
The beautiful necklace is by Virtual Impressions (not free).

The next stunning gowns are a new release by Paris Metro and these gowns are called The Sea....and really they move like the waves of the sea. They come in 5 beautiful colors and the jewelry I am wearing with these gowns is a formal group gift by Purple Moon. The gowns are 300L$ each this weekend ONLY, after the weekend 900 L$ each.
This gown is also a new release by Paris Metro and it is called Elemental gown. Ohhh stunning is the word...This gown is 300 L$ this weekend only, then 900 L$.
Or you could hop over to Kakia. They have this lovely tangerine gown as a Midnight Price and wow....don't you feel like dancing when you see this gown?

Kakia also has this very sweet dress as a new release at their store. It is called Butterfly dress, and it comes in many colors. This is part of the "Exclusively Yours" summer collection, combined with their butterfly collection. NEW RELEASE so not free!
And Kakia is particpating in the Now That You Are Mine Hunt. The hunt runs till 31st of JULY, so you have a longggg time to find all the hunt items !
You can find the HUNT PAGE here.
If you find the hunt item at Kakia you will get this elegant bridal gown, including the veil and the bouquet !!WOW....what a gift..I wonder if they provide the groom too?
PS: the hem of the gown is NOT pink, it just shows pink because I took the pictures on a pink background.

And yes I found another lovely gown, this time at Dashwood. They have this lovely gown as  a 1 K member group gift. And it is stunning, the picture doesn't even come close to how lovely this gown looks !
Dashwood also has this sweet dress as their spring group gift at the store. The cute hair bow is another group gift !
To wear with these lovely gowns you can pick up the JUNE  group gift by Filthy. Joining their group is free till June what is keeping you here? You get 4 great skintones AND a shape too !

Then I found these elegant shoes to wear with the gowns, They are by Felicity and they are their group gift. Joining the group is 30 L$ but you get a lot of free group gifts after joining. Look for the boxes on the floor of the store !
Or you could wear these elegant ones by Crystal Line. It is from their Lucky Boards (there are 6) and they are group only. Joining is free.
I stood there at the lucky boards at Crystal Line for a while and I got some more great this elegant necklace and the beautiful diamond set (necklace and earrings).

And I also got this cute MESH skirt from the Lucky Boards at Crystal Line. I styled it with a lovely tank by Jane.
Then I got this great new subscribo gift by Hucci. It is MESH ladies, so if you are not using a Mesh viewer you can't see it. I styled the romper with the cute buttons jewelry by JD Design (shop closed).
And the last one for today is LpD (Les petites Details). I hadn't been there for a while, but as I styled a dress yesterday with their cute 1 L$ tote bag, I hopped over to see if they are still there. You never know these days !
And to my surprise I found a few very nice gifts (some might be 1 L$). Shoes and necklace are not included.


OK just for fun...I got this cute thing at Bombi Korean SL Events. They have 6 lucky boards and on one of them is this CALL 911 item...