Thursday, June 14, 2012

Siria Fashion Room, Hipnose, the Designer Circle, ArisAris summer Festival, and some Marketplace.

Yesterday I blogged Siria's Fashion Room for the first time but they have so many great offers that I want to show them ALL to you ! Let me explain again how it works: a lot of great designers put one or more of their designs in Siria's Fashion Room for 100 L$ or less. So it gives us all a great opportunity to get to know some designers and at the same time get some great design for a low price!
I found this very cute Manuela outfit at Siria's Fashion room. It is by Angela Ronsein. The cute boots are included, the jewelry is an older gift by Purple Moon and I am walking my sweet dog...that is I am doing the walking and she is just playing in my bag :) The bag was created for Style Academy (no longer available).
Then saw this elegant outfit at Siria's Fashion room, it is by MEB and I styled it with a cute bag by Essential and jewelry bij Two Sisters Treasures (bamboo jewelry, was free). The shoes are included.
Last one from Siria's Fashion Room is this outfit, by Stellicious. A lovely MESH romper in bright summer colors ! I am wearing the Buttons set by JD Design with this set just because both, the romper and the buttons jewelry make me smile !
Over to Hipnose. They send out this GREAT elegant gown to the group members as they have reached the 5000 member mark ! Congratulations Hipnose and thank you for the lovely gift ! The jewelry is included.
The next outfits are available at the DESIGNER CIRCLE. A lot of great designers put one or more of their designs there for 100 L$ or less. These are the designs Mu Shi Doll has put there for this round. The items are changed every 12 days.  This DESIGNER CIRCLE runs from June 11th till June 23rd.
Mu Shi Doll has a lovely pink lace outfit there and a sexy black denim one, each for just 95 L$. The boots/shoes and the necklace I am wearing with the black denim are not included.

The ArisAris Summer Festival has started a while ago but up till now I didn't have the time to take a look there. It runs till June 24th so you still have enough time to teleport over.
Boy was I surprised to find little ice cream cones everywhere on the sim ! And they each contain a free gift from the participating designers ! Besides the freebies you can also get some great design for a lot less than usual so what is keeping you from taking a look?
I found this cute dress from ArisAris inside their ice cream cone.
And this next dress is by Mayden Couture and it is a MESH dress, so you have to use a MESH viewer to see it.
This cute dress is the gift inside the ice cream cone from Bitch Tail. The cute socks are included. The shoes are by BabyMonkey (not free but very affordable).
And this dress is by Ashmoot at the ArisAris Summer Festival. A lovely nude lace dress, so simple yet so elegant...I love it.
Another cute outfit is this hot pink one by B.U.B. And the ice cream I am eating is by Alehandrita design. The cones you are looking for are about the same as the one I am holding :)
Then I found another dress hidden inside the ice cream cone by Azoury. You get this 2 toned dress but you also get 6 different colored collars, that is: the flower on the collar has different colors.
Sassy is also participating in the ArisAris Summer Festival and they are giving these cute bermudas away with a female and a male top. Hidden inside the ice cream cone ofcourse.

Last one from the ArisAris summer Festival for today is the elegant dress/lingerie by Vaxer. You can wear this outfit in several ways and each one is just simply great.
On Marketplace you can find the most amazing things. Like these cute dresses with a shorter or a longer skirt option. They are by AtaMe and the dresses are called Kukla. 1 L$ for the two dresses ladies. I styled the dresses with the necklace by X.Z. Jewelry. The necklace is called Trillaya.

Or this very sexy dress by ShadyGear. The dress is called Shady and the sides are sheer. The boots are included. Very sexy ! The dress is also available in other colors.
The next outfit is by The Dolls House and it is called Rebel Girl.  1 L$ for this outfit. The cute beach bag was blogged yesterday and it is by Wild Motley.
Another nice outfit is this one by Valyria and it is called Damage green.
The last dress for today is by Dashwood and the elegant black dress is called Raven. Don't we all love that little black dress? I styled it with the jewely I found at Moonshadow. It is called Flower Season set.
You can also style the Raven dress with the elegant jewelry by BearCub, which is called Pearls & golden leaves jewelry set. 1 L$ for this elegant set.