Sunday, June 3, 2012

Oh I can't get this song out of my head...HELP !!!

Some songs just stick in your head all day...all even wake up with them again. This is one of those songs...I heard it on the radio and now it lingers in my head and I keep singing it. So do NOT listen to it, I warn is addictive !

So let ne start with my blog while I am singing TONIGHT TONIGHT....tonight I am going to wear my new skin by Diamond Avatar skins , called Paige with make up #05. I am even going to wear the Paige shape! And the cute updo by Calico Ingmann Creations, called Adalia. And ofcourse with the elegant new gown by Paris Metro, called Elemental Chochou! I am wearing the heels from N-Core...and ohhh do I feel GREAT !!! The beautiful necklace and earrings are a former gift by Purple Moon called Tears me not.
These items are NOT free ladies !

While stinding in front of my closet I was wondering if a gown was too much, so I slipped into the cute black cocktail dress by SLC. It is called Backless dress Anika and it is only 60 L$ this weekend. Comes in many colors or textures.
SLC aso has a cute new VIP group gift, the same dress called Anika but in red. Joining the VIP group is 99 L$. The cute brooch is a former gift by Chocolate atelier, called Milky way.
Hmmm no better wear a gown tonight with this lovely skin. So I picked up the new aniversary gift at Bliss (group tag needed). It is a beautiful gold MESH gown ladies.
Purple Moon has some great elegant dresses as Managers Choice dresses for just 60 L$ this weekend ladies. I love the orange one, and it also comes in beige and pink. So these dresses would go great with the lovely Diamond Avatar skin too !
The dresses come with the jewelry and the cute flats !

And I tried on some new hair too. Alli &Ali have chaged their group gifts and voting gifts at their MAINSTORE. Don't forget to visit the action wall too, with special priced hair. If you are wearing your group tag you get a 50 % discount !
The HUNTER hair is for petites (shown in blue/white).

Alli & Ali also have some GREAT gifts on their MARKETPLACE store. The gifts are just temporarily 0 L$ so you have to be fast to get them !
The hair on MARKETPLACE is called Chris, Misa and Nena.

Curious Kitties also has some great free hair at their store AND they have bee eyes and a bee-on-nose as a freebie too both for UPDATE GROUP members!

Today is Diamond Jubliee day in the UK. So MiaMai is giving away two GREAT outfits, one for those who love the Queen and the monarchie and one for those who actually want to get rid of the monarchie. Your choice ladies ! Both are free, including the signs above your heads.