Friday, June 15, 2012

Girls just wanna have fun...

My dear friend Sue Trellis told me she had found the perfect toy for me (and for many others) on Marketplace. And YES she did ! Thank you so much Sue! She found this cute scooter for free. It is by Prefabrica and it is simply I kept singing while driving this scooter: GIRLS just wanna have fuuuunnnn...
The outfit I am wearing is by Mu Shi Doll for the DESIGNER CIRCLE. Just 95 L$ for this great outfit.
I found another very sexy bike for those who don't like a scooter. This one is a chopper and it is by Pixlight Factory and totally free. Perfect as a gift too ladies ! SORRY the chopper WAS free but isn't anymore. Here are some other bike sthat ARE free. BMW and Avalon Motorbike.
If you get a sun burn riding your favorite bike, and you are looking all flushed why don't you get that great new group gift by Al Vulo? This lovely skin is called Baba.
The Angel meets Devil hunt starts today and it runs till July 15th, so plenty of time to find all those yummy gifts at the participating stores ! Like this elegant dress, which is the female gift, or the pants & top, which is the male gift, at LUZIFEE Creations.

Or you can hop over to GrafittiWear and find the hunt item of the Angel meets Devil hunt there and you will be rewarded with this unisex pendant.
Siria's Fashion room. (all items are 100 L$ or less)
The next beautiful black gown is by Eluzion and it is one of the two items they have put in Siria's Fashion Room. This lovely gown is called LayLanni and it is just 60 L$, can you believe that?
Eluzion also has this fatpack of earrings at Siria's Fashion Room and it is just 50 L$ ! The earrings are so elegant and they come in 5 lovely colors !
The next dress with great boots is by Giulia Design and it is the item they have put at Siria's Fashion Room. The dress is called Miso and it comes with a lovely white jacket. But you can - ofcourse - wear it without the jacket too.

And with this lovely Miso gown I am wearing a lovely black jewelry set by AB Creations, called Enigma. This lovely set is the AB Creations item at Siria's Fashion Room and the set is lovely and very complete!
Over to the ArisAris Summer Festival. I blogged a lot of the free gifts I found there yesterday but there are many more. This Festival runs till June 24th and you can find all INFO HERE. A lot of designers have put one or more of their designs their for very low prices and if you find ice cream cones: pick them up, there are gifts inside them !
I found a LOT of tops inside the ice cream cones, so here goes...tops...

This top is a gift by 1 Hundred. Be a STAR in this lovely top !
And this lovely top is the gift at the ArisAris Summer Festival by DAF02. A very retro top :)
Another great top can be found inside the ice cream cone at the stall Envy me has on the ArisAris summer festival. The top is MESH.
Or you can try and find the ice cream cone Essencial has at the ArisAris Summer festival and get this yellow top.
This top is insdie the ice cream cone at the stall of NousVous. I styled it with the lovely purple bangles 22769 had as a gift on the ArisAris Summer Festival.

I didn't find ONLY tops at the ArisAris Summer Festival ladies, this great cherry hat is the gift by Boudoir at the ArisAris Summer festival. 
I also found this great bikini inside the ice cream cone at the Crash Republic stall.
And the last one for today is the bikini BTS Design has put as a gift on the ArisAris Summer Festival. The gift includes a hibiscus tattoo but allas that didn't rez for you have to see for yourself if you like it :)