Saturday, June 9, 2012

Feeling lucky?

Today I am wearing the beautiful Fifi dress by Sascha's Design. The dress is just 60 L$ and it is sooo elegant ! Sascha's Design has 2 new 60 L$ offers each week. I blogged the Miss Sixty dress yesterday, it is the other 60 L$ offer for this week.
I am wearing a beautiful diamond necklace with this dress and it is the hunt gift in the Strong Women Hunt by Aidoru. However this hunt is over, so you cannot get it anymore. Aidoru has GREAT jewelry for a very reasonable price so I am sure you can find something you liek to wear at their store !
Then I went to BabyMonkey. I m crazy about shoes and Pixieplumb changed the items in their Midnight Mania boards, so I had to take a look !! Ohhh I got the lovely yellow Marnie shoes and I also got the great MESH dress on the other Midnight Mania board. The dress is called Lydia.

BabyMonkey also has 9 lucky boards, hence the title: are you feeling lucky? Well I was lucky, I got great boots, booties and lovely sandals in purple.

Over to Curious Kitties. They are participating in the Summer Festival and they have these great skins and the lovely MESH dress for this festival (Not free).

Then I did some more hunting in the Mesh Around hunt. You have to find a blue M at the participating stores. You can find a list with hints and a list or participants HERE.
I landed at Anymore and I found this cute dress inside their M from the Mesh Around hunt.
Actually I found a lot of cute dresses in this hunt. Like this cute one which was hidden inside the M at Mind Games. Just find the M ladies and it is yours to wear !
This dress is the gift inside the M at Alexohol. It is such a nice summer dress ! And if you like it too, find the M at the store.
Or you could hunt for this sweet dress by Pixel Snobs. It is just a sweet summer dress, innocent and so much fun to wear ! The only thing you have to do is to find the M !
And this dress is hidden insde the M at Reila Skins. I love the design on this dress ! So if you want to wear it ladies, just go hunting.
The next dress is the one Bitch Tailz has put in their M from the Mesh Around hunt ! I am not going to repeat what you have to do...just find that M ladies !
I also hunted at American Bazaar and wow...this great colorful dress was mine after I found that M...Somehow I am starting to like MESH a lot !!! The dress is hidden inside the M from the Mesh Around hunt ladies.
This dress is the hunt price in the Mesh around hunt by Amour Fashion ! A lovely blacvk and white dress, perfect to wear when you are shopping or just having a cuppa with your friends in the afternoon !
Over to Asteria Creations, the last dress I found in this hunt. It is not really a dress, but a skirt and a top, still very nice to wear on a hot summer day ! Find that M ladies and you can add it to your inventory.
Then I found this great skirt, which is hidden inside the M at Intrepid Design. I styled the skirt with a great top which is also a hunt gift, but this one you can find at Poptarts. So 2 Ms to find to wear this outfit ladies.
And this skirt is the hunt gift at Pepper. It comes with a cute bag which you can wear either at the left or at the right side ! The top I am wearing with this skirt is also a hunt gift at Has Been. It is a bowling shirt and you get the matching bowling shoes too...but only if you find that darned M...