Saturday, December 1, 2012

Some more Designer Circle and some Decoys.

Monkey Martian told me about Decoy. Well I was there a long time ago but never got back there to take another look. Which was rather silly because they had great design and they had many good offers. Monkey told me they have some great free FATPACKS at the store and he was right! Thank you so much Monkey for this great tip. Look below what is free there ladies, varies from shorts. jeans and tops to hair and shoes!

Baby Monkey has send out these great blue Vanessa shoes in their group. Thank you so much Pixie, they are lovely. (Check past group notices).
Then I went back to the Designer Circle to pick up some great bagains there. Everything at the Designer Circle is just 100 L$ or less ! A ot of great designer are participating in this Circle so it is worth your while to take a look there!
One of the designers who is offering a great coat at the Designer Circle is Even Flow. They also offer a great dress called Bookworm dress.
And Mu-Shi-Doll is offering a great black dress at the Designer Circle.
This great dress is on offer at the Designer Circle by Gorgeous. I styled it with the lovely jewelry Divinity is offering at the Designer Circle. A perfect match is you ask me. You can wear the dress just as it is or you can buy the matching bow belt by Gorgeous at the Designer Circle too.

Graffitiwear is offering lovely stained glass jewelry at the Designer Circle, which goes great with their beautiful Autumn Dress which is also offered at the Designer Circle ladies. Shoes and shoulder wrap are included.

Then I still owe you the great group gifts by Liv Glam. They have so many that the enrollmentfee is totally worth to join the group ladies ! I blogged them before HERE...and below you see more of their group gifts.