Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Only 6 days till Christmas...

Hi readers, are you just as busy as I am on these days just before Christmas? It is hard to find the time to blog, but I am trying to keep up with the Advent Calendars, with the hunts and the gifts and the RL things too. So forgive me if my blog is a mess, I am trying to show you everything I found on my Second Life journey. And HERE is a special song for you all...
Today lots of skins, and the usual day-after advents gifts. I am showing you yesterdays gifts, each day there is a new one and you can see what kind of presents the generous designers are giving us to make these dark days before Chritsmas light.
A big Thank you to all designers :)
But first the lovely new group gift by WoW skins. Joining is not free (150 L$ enrollment  fee) but you will get this complete avatar as this is their newest group gift. The avatar is called Elena and the christmas outfit is included (the hair is not included). There are also a lot of group lucky boards at the store and 2 midnight mania boards.
WoW skins also has released the beautiful Hope skins in 3 skintones. They come with many make ups, I am showing you just a few. Just hop over to the store and take a look at this gorgeous skin!

Then WoW skins has put up this Hope skin just for 80 L$ at Stuff in Stock! You will get the darkest version with a cleavage option.
Over to Yoon skins. They have 3 lucky boards, a lucky chair and 2 midnight mania boards and I was so lucky to get this lovely skinthere and the great feather & birds tattoo.

Ashmoot designs has a new group gift too ladies, this sexy lingerie set is yours if you are in the Ashmoot group (or you can join ofcourse, joining the group is free)
Ashmoot is also participating in the Fiercely Stylish Christmas Hunt which has a hint & link page here. If you can locate the hunt item at the Ashmoot store this sexy lingerie set is yours to wear :)
As you all know by now I visit some Christmas Calendars every day. One of my favorites is the one at Virtual Impressions because I love their jewelry. And they are giving away some lovely gifts in their calendar too! It is group only though, but their group gifts are stunning too.

Babymonkey has 12 days to Christmas gifts and they are gorgeous too! These gifts are also group only. This cute sequin dress is color change! All previous gifts are till available.
And then I visit a lot of non-group Advent Calendars, look below. Remembe: the gifts are no longer available, they were from yesterday or the day before, but you will get an idea about what presents are given away.
Alice Project.

All presents below are from the advent calendar at LaRosa.

This is the gift by Ginza.