Friday, November 30, 2012

Strolling along Marketplace with no budget to spend

Don't we all know that feeling of wanting something new. looking in shop windows, but knowing at the same time our wallet is empty and our credit card is maxxed out? Well I just take a stroll along Marketplace and I always come up with some great finds.
I strolled along Augusta Creations and wow...they have some great dresses for the upcoming parties! How about this elegant marroon one, called Mona? Free ladies !
Or this distinguised black and white dress with lovely flower decoration, called Giulia? Also free.
Augusta Creations also has this black & white dress for free on Marketplace. Its is called Kim.
And yet another black & white dress called Karin is also free.
Augusta Creations also has some great sexy lingerie for free. This set is called Mistery.
If you like a more formal gown maybe this elegant black gown is something for you. It is also by Augusta Creations and it is called Diamond. The jewelry is included.

DM design has this great white gown for free on Marketplace. It is called Mother Christmas, but is a lovely gown :)

And this gown is by Heavens Creations. The gown is called Lady Lian.
OK one more gown, a lovely red one by Anais called Carmen. Perfect for your Christmas party ladies! The lovely earrings are free by JCNY. And the lovely choker is by Alyssa Bijoux and it is 1 L$.
Over to something quite different: a blue Winter Faerie outfit which you can find on Marketplace for just 1 L$. There is a poofer included, shoes and also a magic wand.
But in December we also like to wear more casual things or a warm coat. How about this one by ALB? It is a wearable demo and so are the lovely boots I am wearing with this coat. The boots are by ShuShu.

ShuShu also has these great boots for free (wearable demo) and this matching elegant MESH gown (also a wearable demo). The set is called Take it Easy.
Then I found some great jeans by Blackburn on Marletplace. I styled them in a few different ways, like with this great shirt by La Vest, called Heart. It was free when I got it but it is now 55 L$. However I found a great LIPS teeshirt by La Vest which is free. The great boots are 1 L$ and they are by Bodymix, called Rosalie.
I styled the Blackburn jeans with another wearable demo jacket by Shushu.
Next I am wearing these jeans with a shirt called Mesh cut out shoulder top DJ Pepe Voom. And the great espadrilles are by DUH. The shoes are 1 L$.

Then I found this cute Hippie set by M&M. The lovely shoes are by Baby Monkey and they were send out in the group as a gift.
M&M also has this great mini dress for free at Marketplace.
Over to Roxy. They have this great set on Marketplace, jeans and warm winter jacket. Boots are included.

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