Thursday, December 13, 2012

Only 12 days till Christmas...

Just a few days to go and so much to blog! But first a question? Who doesn't want to look like Rudolph on Christmas? If your answer is NOT ME, then take a look at Panic Attack on Marketplace. They have this ever so cute reindeer outfit for just 1 L$! And here is a funny matching song for that smile on your face !!
And you know me by now: whenever I stroll along Market Place I find some more goodies. Like this beautiful gown which is a gift by Sharodies Design, a lovely gown called Snowed upon! 1 L$ for this gown.

Another lovely gown is this one by Analee Balut. It is not a special Christmas edition, but I like it enough to wear on Christmas.
The next outfit is also a Chritsmas gift on Marketplace and this one is by Viva Voce. A lovely green set which includes the boots.
Talking about boots: these great Christmas boots with a red or a white stocking at the back are by Peachie Keen, perfect to wear on your Christmas day stroll through the snow! 1 L$ for the boots.
And this lovely Christmas necklace will go great with all your festive outfits ladies. It is by RealEvil and it is totally free on Marketplace.
The next outfit is also from Marketplace but has little to do with Christmas. I just found it while I was looking for the Christmas stuff. You get the skin and 3 outfits, and they are by String Fashion. 1 L$ for this all, including the shoes _ boots.
Over to the Designer Circle. You know the drill by now: all offers are 10 L$ or less and they are all by great designers. So if you want to fill your inventory with great design for a low price check out this Designer Circle Store!
And what do they have on offer? How about this lovely outfit by GraffitiWear? A great red dress and the matching boots are on offer at the Designer Circle too!
This next dress with the cute jacket is by Chandelle and it is on offer at the Designer Circle ladies. Great dress to wear and the leather jacket is very stylish.
Another store that has a great offer at the Designer Circle is P.I.X.X.I.S.. They have a cute vest on offer at the Designer Circle and you can get it in red or green, which makes it actually very nice for the Holidays! The shirt & leggings are NOT included.
P.I.X.X.I.S. also has a lovely becklace on offer at the Designer Circle for just 1 L$.

Then I found another great dress at the Designer Circle and this one is by Ilaya. You can get it in brown or white and it is simply a lovely dress to wear with your jewelry, or with leggings and boots. Or even with your fav jeans!

Over to the POE hunt. I still haven't blogged all those lovely gifts, so let me show you what I found at Shattered by Aluinn. They have this great top & pants set hidden inside the globe of the Peace on Earth 5 hunt. You can find hints & links HERE, which is great if you get stuck.
The next stop in this hunt was Boho Hobo and they have this GREAT bag to wear with your lovely outfits hidden insid etheir globe! I am wearing it with the Aluinn outfit, blogged above.
And this great outfit is the POE 5 hunt gift at Baboom. A sweet white sweater with the peace dove on it. sexy slacks and great bangles!
The last one for today is this GREAT outfit by Schwarz. I love the sweater with Santa on it and I love the pants. Even the boots are included.
A great outfit to sit under the tree and unpack your gifts! There is also a male version hidden inside the globe from this hunt!