Thursday, December 20, 2012

Only 5 days till Christmas...

Today some great bargains from the Designer Circle (you can only get them till December 22nd, so don't wait too long to hop over and take a look) and a lot of jewelry....perfect for the Holiday season :)
Let me start with the lovely lip glosses Eyelure has at the Designer Circle. Like I said above: only till December 22nd, so hurry over). All offers at the Designer Circle are 100 L$ or less ladies.
And Divinity has this beautiful jewelry at the Designer Circle. It will go so great with your Christmas outfits !!

Then I went to Dirty.Little.Secret and they have this cute boho dress called Stars Dress. You can get it at the Acid Lily Fashion Gallery for just 70 L$.
The cute antlers and Rudolph nose are free at Dirty.Little.Secret (look for a striped bag).

The next items are all from the Advent Calendar at Chop Zuey. They have one for members and one for non group members. What I am showing you are the non group gifts as the group is not free to join. But it is totally worth to join the Chop Zuey group as you get the most wonderful group gifts.

Then my friend Jaguar Pearl told me about JCNY. She even teleported me there! JCNY has beautiful jewelry but they also have some lucky gifts at their store. Not only that: there are gifts with a star on them and they are free!  Look below what I got there. And THANKS Jaguar for teleporting me !!

Last one for today is the complete avatar I got from the lucky chairs at II skins. They have a few lucky chairs with skins, avatars and clothing.